Tutorials for Creating Your Own Images

One of my favourite things, outside of my family,  is language. I love words, how some roll off your tongue, how others can make you tongue-tied. I love the way they look and how they sound. 

As a journalist and editor, I spent two decades crafting words, my own and others, into a story.  But what I missed during that time was creativity. While I could exercise that in a weekly column and somewhat through features, the news, unless you’re watching CNN, is still pretty much rooted in fact. Imagination can only go as far as it leads you to a real conclusion.

Now, I have a fantastic job working for an online graphics service. Each and every day I spend time writing off the cuff, (in this blog, for example), finding words and phrases to explain or appease customers in emails, and most fun of all, allocating certain words to certain images.  Each and every day, therefore, I spend a lot of time looking at images, talking about images and using images.

What I don’t know, however, is how to create those images and each and every day I am awed by the work of the talented artists who do. While I would never dream of assuming I could manage the same, I did think it might be fun to investigate a little ‘how-to’ on this topic and came up with oodles of tutorials, including these:

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