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For some 2020/2021 allowed us to spend more time (as we were confined to the safety of our homes) to be creative and follow our passions. Designers produced more digital art and illustrations, more people became passionate about small business and crafting and teachers needed online resources to keep students engaged and entertained.

Let’s take a look at the popular downloads and trends of the past year at

3D digital art gained in popularity. These realistic images can be used anywhere from website design to social media and everything in between.

Crafting is a huge industry and a great way for many people to have a second income. With file format choices to help you create all your crafts and projects. SVG, AI, EPS, JPG and PNG are our most popular file formats with our crafters. What will be your next creation? A new mug, t-shirt or decalSource Clipart ID: #1230241, Clipart ID: #511995, Clipart ID: #1696294

 Bright and Bold allows you to stand out from the rest! Colors can be an instant mood-enhancer. This trend will leave you feeling alive!  

Flat design illustrations are very popular in recent times. The use of shapes and colors as opposed to depth and perspective are used to convey your message. The idea of “less is more” is certainly true with these designs. Popular in social media ads, website design and more.



Grainy, textured and grunge images allow for a real to the touch feeling. The benefit of this trend is that it allows elements, such as, bold lettering to really POP! Signs, posters and more will look great with these textures.


Abstract and geometrical shapes is a trend that allows you to experiment with textures, colors, shapes and patterns. They can be used in event posters, reports, magazine covers and anything else that suits this look.

Clipart ID: #2767167


 Organic and Inorganic Textures can add depth and detail to an image. Organic designs add visuals inspired by mother nature. With the availability of digital textured brushes, it has allowed artists to really experiment with inorganic designs.

Organic designs add visuals inspired by mother nature.  With the availability of digital textured brushes, it has allowed artists to really experiment with inorganic desig

Much of 2020 and 2021 was focused on health and wellness. It is no surprise that there was an increase in demand for these types of images and our artists came through! We have a huge selection of specific virus related designs as well as general wellness images.

One of the most popular downloaded images in this category for 2020 was this Covid-19 design:


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