Top Visual Aids for Chemistry Lessons

pupils in a chemistry lab

Chemistry is an enthralling scientific field of study that explores matter, its properties, composition, and the changes it undergoes. Although the subject is widely studied, it can be challenging for some students to grasp some of the complex concepts presented in chemistry classes. One effective way to help students connect with lessons is through the use of visual aids, such as vector illustrations. In this article, we’ll share examples of images that can be used to enhance the next chemistry or STEM lesson you introduce to your class.

15 Clipart Illustrations Suited for Chemistry Class

If you’ve been looking for the best Clipart illustrations to enhance your educational lessons, you’re in luck! Below you’ll find 15 high-quality illustrations that you can download and use in your class or creative projects.

1. Two Scientists Conducting Research in a Lab Vector Illustration

two scientists sit side by side in a science lab

Have you been searching for an illustration that shows two scientists working together? Download this vector image of a male and female scientist experimenting in a lab.

2. Five Kids in a Chemistry Lab Vector

diverse children wearing lab coats and working together in a chemistry lab

Want an example of classmates working together in science class? Download this vector illustration that shows five young kids in lab coats, experimenting with chemicals in various beakers.

3. Chemist with Science Experiment Vector Illustration

scientist in a white lab coat holds two science test tubes with an experiment nearby.

Searching for a vector image that shows a scientist experimenting? Download this flat style design that features a scientist conducting a science experiment, all set against a vibrant red background.

4. Three Working Scientists Vector

three scientists sitting at a green table, wearing white lab coats, and experimenting with various scientific instruments

Want to inspire the next generation of scientists? Download this vector illustration of three scientists working hard in a laboratory.

5. Chemical Test Tube & Flask Icon

illustrated icons of a chemical test tube and scientific flask with shadows, set against a yellow background

Need an icon that symbolizes chemistry? Download this flat style vector icon of a test tube and scientific flask.

6. Chemistry Tools and School Supplies Illustration

vector drawing with backpack, text books, globe, and two scientistic flasks.

Need a vibrant vector drawing that has school supplies and chemistry tools? Download this vector illustration that features a backpack, text books, globe, and two scientistic flasks.

7. Scientific Alphabet Concept

ABC vector with scientists at work.

Teaching young students about science? Download this colorful alphabet banner that features various scientists, doctors, and other professionals working.

8. Chemistry Lab Banners

Chemistry lab banners. Vector science experiment backgrounds with scientific laboratory equipmen

Searching for science-themed visuals for your next presentation? Download these chemistry banners that feature beakers bubbling with chemicals, test tubes, a microscope and other scientific equipment.

9. Science Conceptual Vector Banner

 illustrations of three scientists standing in front of the letters S,C,I.

Need a bright banner for your science class? Download this red, blue, and purple tri-color chemistry-themed banner that features illustrations of three scientists standing in front of the letters S,C,I.

10. Kids Playing in a Lab Cartoon Vector

illustration of young kids playing in a laboratory

Introducing chemistry concepts to a class of young students? Download this fun vector illustration of four kids playing in an imaginative science lab with bigger than life-size chemistry tools.

11. Chemistry Class Poster Design

vector illustration of science teacher talking to his three students

Looking for a poster design to put up in your chemistry class? Download this vibrant vector illustration that shows an instructor introducing scientific concepts to his class.

12. Chemistry and Biology Vector Banner Set

Chemistry and biology vector banners set with flask holder, textbook in hardcover, microscope and ballpoint pen on white sheet of paper on background of formula

Need a set of banners that cover chemistry and biology concepts? Download this two-toned blue banner that has illustrations of scientific flasks and a microscope, with plenty of space to add text.

13. Beakers and Burners Vector Icon Set

beakers, burners, microscope, test tubes, flasks, chemicals, scale, isolated vector icons on a white background

Need a collection of vector icons that focus on chemistry concepts? Download this vibrant icon set that features chemical lab glassware and other scientific tools; isolated on a white background.

14. Science Flasks Doodle

doodle of flasks on lined paper.

Want a fun graphic to add to your science class decor or to enhance a presentation? Download this doodle-style vector drawing of science flasks on lined paper.

15. Colorful Chemistry Illustration

Chemistry items subject poster with headline. Glassware containing chemical substances liquids. Book about molecular studies vector illustration

Chemistry can be a fun subject for many students. So, do you best to keep the class engaged. Download this vibrant poster design featuring a textbook, scientific glassware and the word chemistry written in bright pink, yellow, and cyan letters.

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