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Photo of beautiful autumn trees reflected in water

“Fall has always been my favourite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” — Lauren DeStefano, Wither

Whether you look forward to its arrival or not, there’s no question that when autumn’s good it’s very good,  its appeal found in the showy scenes it creates. When the leaves begin their dramatic transformation nobody wants to miss the performance.

With torrid temperatures finally showing up this month, after a bleak July and August, my husband and I, while at our summer retreat,  opted to turn our usual lakeshore strut into more of a stroll in order to give this splendid break our full appreciation.  The brilliance of the sunshine heated the crisp softness of the sand as cooling blue waters lapped at the shoreline’s edge. A gentle breeze floating in off the lake soothed hot skin and eased our exertions. Which was a really good thing since, despite our leisurely pace, the unfamiliar heat of this September day made efforts less easy.

As the sun beat down upon us we decided to duck for cover on one of the shaded streets that lead to the water. This not only provided some relief; it also gave me time to fully take notice of the spectacle of summer’s shift to autumn, from lush verdancy to a canopy of colour.

Having reflected on that in the days since, I decided to take it a step further here. Why not consider the beauty of autumn colours, how they make me feel, and what the experts say about them?  It would also be a great way as well to introduce a selection of terrific photographs from

Photo of a yellow autumn leaf background

This is one of my favourite colours. Yellow is to me a reflection of sunshine and joy. It uplifts me and inspires a feeling of optimism.  Various websites  that I found on the topic didn’t disagree, but noted as well that too much yellow can have you feeling quite the opposite of mellow.  It can be overwhelming and is best used sparingly.

Photo of pumpkins
While I’m not exactly a fan of this brilliant hue in day-to-day living,  there’s no denying it’s  a lovely addition to autumn. I see something stimulating about the colour and believe it has energizing effects.  Experts agree saying it’s an attention getter, a call to action that has a friendly energy.
Photos of red autumn leaves

I’m not sure I’d call it an aversion, but my acceptance of this colour depends a good deal on the particular shade I’m looking at. The gorgeous crimson of autumn leaves is as dramatic as the ranges of emotions this colour can inspire. Everything from anger and danger to passion and excitement are represented by the many shades of red. At least according to those who study this.
It might be the drab cousin of the autumn colour family but it’s as much a part of it as the others.  Quite simply, while I rather like all tones of brown, I do find it makes me feel a little lazy.  It is, experts say, rather low on stimulation but generates feelings of security. 
Autumn is bittersweet, its brilliance captivating and energizing; its darkening days and cooling temperatures reminding that we have left the light of summer behind. We are ready to languish, to cocoon, yet, not prepared to give in completely just yet. In essence, I suppose, we might say that the colours of autumn reflect all that we feel at this time of year. 

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