Teaching Occupations: 5 Tips & 25 Clipart Images

Teaching Occupations: 5 Tips & 25 Clipart Images

Are you teaching a lesson on occupations? Helping young children grasp the concept of careers and professions? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, you’ll find practical tips to teach young children about occupations, career-focused vocabulary terms, and a curated selection of clipart images.

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Tips for Teaching Young Children About Jobs

Develop career awareness through the use of literature and media.

Reading books or watching movies can be fun ways to engage children in a lesson about various occupations. To help children understand possible career paths, teachers and homeschooling parents can point out the various aspects of a certain career. For instance, if one is reading a book about veterinarians, they can point out the lab coat he/she may wear and the fact that veterinarians work with animals. These details, paired with visual aids, will help reinforce the concept of careers for the young children being taught.

Embody different occupations by playing dress-up.

Children have vivid imaginations that can be harnessed for valuable life lessons. If you want to teach kids, particularly young ones, about occupations; consider dressing up as you explain the role of various jobs within our society. Want to talk about farming? Break out your overalls and garden tools! Need to explain what a doctor does? Snag a lab coat and toy stethoscope the next time you visit a costume shop! Occupational props will help reinforce real-world concepts and give the children a better understanding of how a job role functions and the tasks that are performed.

Use a child’s interests to guide the conversation around jobs/careers.

When teaching little ones about careers/jobs/professions, it can be a little daunting. However, it doesn’t have it be. One way to make your lesson plan simpler and keep the kids engaged is to use interests to guide the conversation.

Before explaining the ins and outs of various careers, consider asking your students or homeschooled children what they are interested in. Then use their answers to guide the conversation as you explain the role of different careers.

For instance, if children express their love of food and how much they like helping out in the kitchen; you can use this as an opportunity to explain what a chef does and introduce them to the concept of culinary arts. Other associations can be made depending on the interests expressed – the sky is the limit, here!

Career / Occupation Vocabulary Words for Young Children

Searching for a vocabulary list to share with your young students or homeschooled children? This list contains 45 terms related to jobs and career paths. Use these words to introduce occupations to young learners or as spelling words for more advanced students.

  • architect
  • artist
  • barber
  • bus driver
  • businessperson
  • cashier
  • chef
  • construction worker
  • dancer
  • dentist
  • doctor
  • electrician
  • engineer
  • farmer
  • firefighter
  • florist
  • filmmaker
  • gardener
  • hairdresser
  • jeweler
  • journalist
  • judge
  • karate instructor
  • kick boxer
  • lawyer
  • lifeguard
  • makeup artist
  • mechanic
  • musician
  • nanny
  • nurse
  • painter
  • photographer
  • pilot
  • plumber
  • restaurant owner
  • salesperson
  • secretary
  • singer
  • teacher
  • tv host
  • veterinarian
  • videographer
  • writer
  • zookeeper

25 Clipart Images of Various Professions

Need vector illustrations of occupations for your classroom or presentation? Clipart has you covered! Below you’ll find 25 high-quality clipart images of various jobs – from architects to zookeepers!

1. Artist Vector Illustration

illustration of an artist with a red beret and green shirt getting ready to paint on a blank canvas

Are you discussing art as a career? Use this clipart illustration of an artist preparing to paint on a blank canvas.

2. Bus Driver Clipart

vector illustration of a bus driver in a blue uniform standing outside of a yellow school bus

Do you want to explain to your students what a bus driver does? Get your point across with this clipart vector of a happy bus driver smiling and waving outside of a yellow school bus.

3. Chef Illustration

vector illustration of chef holding aromatic dish with blue and purple gradient smoke

Teaching a lesson on the culinary arts? Explain what a cook does and more with this flat vector illustration of a professional chef holding an aromatic dish.

4. Doctor Vector Illustration

illustration of a doctor in a white lab coat standing by an elderly woman's bedside

Diving into the depths of a doctor’s duties? Use this vector illustration to explain the role of a physician to your students.

5. Electrician Clipart

tri-panel electrician graphic with icons and two drawings of electricians

Explaining what an electrician does? This clipart illustration showing electrical works and a power station just might come in handy.

6. Firefighter Vector Icon Set

vector icon set of a firefighter uniforms and tools

Finding vector icons of a firefighter doesn’t have to be hard. Just download this set that shows various firefighter uniforms and tools.

7. Gardener Vector Graphic

gardener tending to a raised bed of crops

Gardening can be a professional career – depending on the context. Are you explaining that to your students? Use this vector graphic to illustrate your talking points.

8. Hairdresser Clipart

drawing of a hair dressing curling a client's hair with pink rollers

Have a hard time explaining what a hairdresser does? Try using a visual aid instead – like this one of a hairdresser rolling a client’s hair into pink rollers.

9. Jewelry Designer Vector

illustration of someone sketching a picture of a necklace

Jewelry design can be a promising career for those who express interest and skill. Explain that to your students with this vector illustration of a designer drawing a beautiful pearl necklace with a gemstone pendant.

10. Karate Instructor Clipart

clipart of karate instructor correcting a student's form

Looking for kid-friendly illustrations of karate in action? This clipart shows a karate instructor helping a student with their form!

11. Lifeguard Illustration

illustration of a lifeguard surveying the beach

Lifeguards play a prominent role in society, especially near swimming pools and natural bodies of water. Don’t you agree? Use this illustration to explain the importance of lifeguards to your little ones!

12. Mechanic Vector Illustration

clipart drawing of a mechanic working on a red vehicle

Just like a good mechanic, high-quality vector illustrations can be hard to come by. Luckily for you, this one is available.

14. Nurse Clipart

vector of a nurse helping a sick patient with a breathing treatment

Need a good illustration of a nurse performing medical duties? This illustration shows a caring nurse helping a patient with a breathing treatment.

15. Photographer Vector

Photographers capture the wonders of life, the mundane moments, and everything in between. Explain the role of a photographer with this comprehensive clipart illustration showing a person and the photographs they’ve captured.

16. Pilot Vector Icons

Pilots make air travel possible. Explain the role of a pilot to your class with this set of airline-themed vector icons.

17. Restaurant Owner Vector

illustration of a happy restaurant owner standing outside of a lime green, modern restaurant

Owning a restaurant can be a rewarding job! Explain the role of a restauranteur to your students with this clipart illustration of a proud restaurant owner standing outside of their modern eatery.

18. Seamstress Illustration

colorblocked illustration of a seamstress sewing a garment using a sewing machine

Searching for ways to show what a seamstress does? Use this vector illustration.

19. Teacher Vector Illustration

drawing of a teacher reading to a group of students

Being a teacher is one of the most important careers one can possess. Explain the importance of educators to your class with this wholesome drawing of a teacher immersed in a lesson and surrounded by attentive students.

20. TV Show Host Illustration

detailed illustration of news anchors on set

Explaining the vast world of entertainment? Show your students what TV hosts are known for with this detailed illustration of news anchors on set.

21. Veterinarian Vector

two veterinarians in an animal hospital

Describing what an animal doctor does? Explain the role of a veterinarian with this cool vector of two animal doctors and three pets.

22. Videographer Vector

videographer vector icons showing cameraman on set

Videographers capture the world in motion. Show that with this clipart illustration.

23. Waiter / Waitress Illustration

circle graphic that shows two people, a waiter and waitress

Waiting around to find the perfect illustration of restaurant wait staff? Your search is over! Use this illustration that shows a waiter and waitress prepping to serve up some hot dishes.

24. Writer Clipart

a happy smiling writer works at a white desk

Writers play a dynamic role in society. Give your students a view of that with this vector icon of a writer working at a desk.

25. Zookeeper Clipart

Zookeepers perform a variety of tasks. Are you explaining what an animal keeper does? Use this clipart illustration of a zookeeper feeding a tall giraffe to illustrate your lesson.