STEAM: 25 Clipart Icons about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

STEAM: 25 Clipart Icons about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.”

Martin Henry Fischer, Physician & Author

Are you searching for STEM or STEAM-related clipart? You’ve come to the right place! In the post, you’ll find 25 high-quality Clipart vector illustrations that you can use for education! So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to find the perfect picture to present to your students.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is an educational methodology that involves the integration of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to create a comprehensive learning environment.

The key difference between STEM and STEAM methodologies is the inclusion of the arts as a core component of learning.

25 STEAM Vectors

STEAM vectors can be hard to come by. The good news is that we’ve curated these 25 vector illustrations just for you!

1. Science Lab Vector Illustration

vector illustration of a science lab with chemistry tools like beakers and test tubes

Searching for vector illustrations for your science class or presentation? This flat design vector of a chemistry laboratory, with beakers and test tubes, can be used for classroom decor, science fairs, and more.

2. Technology Chalk Drawn Illustration

 Vector color chalk drawn illustration set of laptop with live conference on black chalkboard background.

Technology is a part of our daily lives and school is no exception. Whether you teach in a distance learning program or in-person school, tech plays a role in your lesson plans. So, illustrate the power of technology with this chalk-drawn vector that shows different people connecting via a conference call.

3. Mechanical Engineering Illustration

Mechanical drawings on a  white background. Engineering illustration.

Teaching a lesson on the importance of engineering and the role it plays in society? This mechanical engineering drawing, with its editable text, will surely come in handy!

4. Paintbrush Clipart

STEAM includes art education – which is important for the development of a well-rounded student. Looking for an artistic work of clipart to add to your classroom and accent a presentation on artistic processes or art history? This vector illustration set features four paint brushes with brushstrokes of yellow, pink, green, and blue; it just may be what you need.

5. Algebra Equations Illustration

Clip Art Illustration of algebra equations on a blackboard.

Searching for math-related images and illustrations to use? Look no further than this clipart illustration of algebra equations on a blackboard. It can be used for a plethora of projects!

6. Science Design Elements

 Chemistry and laboratory research symbols. Dna, molecules, books, test-tubes, microscope and others isolated on white background.

Science education can encompass many things – from learning the elements on a periodic table to examining bacteria under a microscope, conducting laboratory research, and everything in between. Do you teach chemistry? This set of science design elements features test tubes, calculators, DNA symbols, microscopes, stacks of books, and more.

7. Isometric Social Media Vector Icons

Social media flat 3d isometric concept vector icons.

Nowadays, social media and other mobile applications inform how we communicate. Are you searching for an isometric vector graphic that illustrates the various forms of communication one can experience when using a smartphone? This 3D isometric illustration may just be what you need!

8. Glowing Techno Gears Vector

Engineering can involve a lot of turning gears. Looking for an image that represents engineering in an indirect way? This glowing neon techno-style illustration of gears might just inspire your next class presentation or lesson plan.

9. Ballet Posture Sketch Illustration

sketch-style vector of a ballerina dancing.

The arts can be awe-inspiring. Not to mention, engaging in artistic practice, can offer folks an outlet for expression. Do you need a vector drawing to illustrate the importance of the arts or dance specifically? This sketch-style illustration of a ballet dancer on vintage paper can be used in many creative ways.

10. Seamless Mathematics Wallpaper

math wallpaper resembling equations written on a green chalkboard

Searching for a seamless background for math concepts? This background features equations, exponents, and the symbol for π pi. Download it today and use it as your virtual background in distance learning courses, presentation title screens, or anything you want.

11. Science Kid Drawing

illustration of a young kid in a lab coat conducting a science experiment

Trying to get kids more interested in science? Show them illustrations that remind them of themselves – like this vector graphic of a young scientist wearing a lab coat and holding a beaker that’s bubbling over.

12. Computer-Brain Connection Concept

Computers connected to central brain, concept for distributed computing, crowd sourcing or other internet metaphor.

Technology, like tablets, smartphones, and laptops keep students and educators connected across geographical locations. Are you looking for a concept that shows connectivity? This vector illustration features three laptops syncing with a powerful brain that looms above.

13. Factory Building Icon Set

Architecture is a feat of engineering. Are you looking for a vector icon set that shows industrial buildings? This thin-line vector set features 16 vector illustrations of factory buildings – all outlined in magenta pink.

14. Color Palette Wheel Illustration

illustration of a color palette wheel with multiple colors ranging from cool to warm hues

Color palettes can be used for a myriad of art and design projects. Are you an art or design teacher? If you teach about creative concepts, consider downloading this color palette wheel illustration.

15. Number 15 Trace & Write Template

practice sheet for children learning numbers. This one shows the number 15 with lines for practicing

Teaching children how to count? This trace and write template can come in handy – it features 15 illustrations of half-moons for kids to count and lines for them to practice their writing.

16. Neon DNA Symbol

Human DNA Testing neon light sign vector. Glowing bright icon Human DNA Testing sign. transparent symbol illustration

Talking about human DNA? This glowing neon DNA symbol can be used to highlight a lesson on deoxyribonucleic acid or as decor in a classroom – the possibilities are endless.

17. Retro Multimedia Technology Vectors

Retro technology can help us connect to the past; especially multimedia electronics, as they represent a particular era in our technological advancement as a human race. Do you need icons that show electronics from the past? Looking for gramophones, microphones, old radios, and film reels? This icon set, with its muted colors and detailed vectors, can be used to talk about art, history, or the spaces where they intersect.

18. Compass Icon

Compasses  icon. White background with shadow design. Vector illustration.

Looking for icons of tools that engineers use? This simple vector icon of a compass can surely come in handy.

19. Jazz Band Illustration

Flat icon vector of a band trio performing jazz

Music is one of many artistic expressions. Searching for a simple yet sleek illustration? Try this one on for size! This illustration features two musicians with instruments and one lead singer.

20. Numbers & Mathematical Signs Icons

colorful illustration vector set of a mathematical icons

It goes without question that math is an important subject for students to master. Do you need dynamic illustrations of letters to excite the budding mathematicians in your class? Download this set of vector icons that feature colorful, striped numbers and mathematical symbols.

21. 3D Isometric Research Illustration

Science 3d isometric research lab with laboratory equipment and scientist vector illustration. Chemistry laboratory 3D icon isolated

Science is a subject that’s all about discovery. Do you agree? Download this 3D isometric illustration of a scientist at work in his lab and share it with your students.

22. Isometric Laptop Icons

Technology can help us achieve many things. Show your students what a laptop can be used for with this 3D isometric icon of a laptop with various symbols representing search features, reports, GPS, and the ability to manage finances online.

23. Construction Icon Set

Flat design construction icon set in ui colors. Vector illustration.

Engineering can involve the construction of many structures. Looking for icons that relate to engineering, construction, or building? This set has 12 construction icons in bright, bold hues that you can use to illustrate engineering concepts.

24. Outlined Painting Icon Set

Painting Icon Set. Bold outline design with editable stroke width. Vector Illustration.

Outlining artistic concepts for your next lesson plan? Use this set of simple icons to discuss methods of working, art supplies, and art history.

25. Calculations Vector Concept

Female character in glasses surrounded mathematical symbols. illustration for scientific, educational concepts, app icons. On yellow background with shadow

Math can be fun! Keep your classroom engaged with vibrant vector illustrations of young mathematicians, like this drawing of a young girl solving equations.