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Animation Factory brings you PowerPoint templates, animated gifs, animated clipart and animated graphics to enhance your web projects, blogs and emails.  Animation Factory is the place for web elements and animated graphics to enhance your web and video projects.

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Power Clipart

In addition to amazing animation, Animation Factory also offers High Resolution 3D Images for PowerPoint presentations.

Wow your PowerPoint audience with these studio quality, high definition 3D renders. These high resolution clips comes with an extra glossy style; with realistic shadows and amazing reflections and surfaces. These images will truly bring out the best in your project.

Power Clipart images can be used for business presentations, slideshows, seminars, and for school lectures.

PowerPoint Backgrounds and Templates

PowerPoint backgrounds give presentations a unique look and captivate the audience. Animation Factory has a huge library of PowerPoint backgrounds and animated backgrounds for every theme. 
Business, education, nature, science and more.

PowerPoint templates come complete with backgrounds, graphics, images, fonts, colors and styles and all that’s required is for you to add the text of your presentation. To use a template simply drop in your titles, bullet points, text and pictures.


PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint backgrounds are available with a Platinum or Pro Level membership at Animation Factory.  


Animation Factory also offers:

HD Video Backgrounds 
Sound Effects
Sound and Music
Video Elements

See how using our animations can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your PowerPoint Presentations!  Click Here for Video

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