Marine Mammals: 15 Facts & Clipart Images

Marine Mammals: 15 Facts & Clipart Images

Are you teaching a lesson on marine biology? Talking about mammals that live underwater or nearby the ocean? You should read this post! Here you’ll find facts about marine mammals, suggested vocabulary terms, and 15 clip art illustrations to share with your students!

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What is a marine mammal?

A marine mammal is an aquatic animal that depends on the ocean for its existence. These mammals can be found across the globe, relying on the world’s oceans for their habitats, survival, and sustenance. Some characteristics of marine mammals include the ability to breathe oxygen, give birth to their young, and produce milk.

15 Common Marine Mammals

  • Walrus
  • Sea Otter
  • Polar Bear
  • Leopard Seal
  • Sea Lion
  • Spectacled Porpoise
  • Sea Mink
  • Hooded Seal
  • Amazonian Manatee
  • Vaquita
  • Southern Elephant Seal
  • False Killer Whale
  • Bottlenose Dolphin
  • Orca
  • Baleen Whale

5 Quick Facts

  • Most aquatic mammals are carnivores that consume fish and other sea creatures.
  • Marine mammals come to the surface to breathe despite living in or around bodies of water.
  • Marine mammals are warm-blooded creatures; many with a thick layer of blubber to keep their vital organs safe from cold temperatures.
  • Unlike fish and other sea creatures, marine mammals carry their young in their wombs and give birth to them when fully developed.
  • Aquatic mammals possess mammary glands and have the ability to produce milk to feed their offspring.

5 Marine Biology Vocabulary Terms

  • Aquatic: living or growing in a source of water
  • Blubber: a layer of fat present in sea mammals such as seals and whales
  • Carnivore: a land or sea animal that consumes other animals
  • Dorsal Fin: a pectoral fin, used for stability, that is located on the back of many marine mammals including dolphins.
  • Echolocation: the perception of an object’s location based on reflected sound. This particular skill is present in land animals like bats and marine mammals such as dolphins.

5 Groups of Marine Mammals

  • Pinniped: marine mammals with flippers such as seals and sea lions.
  • Cetaceans: sea mammals that do not thrive on land at all such as dolphins and whales.
  • Sea Otters: the smallest marine mammal.
  • Sirenians: mammals that can survive in warm water like dugongs.
  • Polar Bears: bears that depend on the ocean for their food supply.

15 Clipart Images of Marine Wildlife

1. Polar Bear in the Arctic Digital Painting

Polar bears are sea mammals who spend part of their time on land. However, they depend on sources of water to supply their food. Do you need a digital painting of a polar bear in the arctic? This one is available right now.

2. Two Walruses Vector Graphic

Two walruses are better than one! Looking for a vector graphic that you can show to your class of young children? This illustration shows two walruses sitting with their fins crossing and forming the letter W.

3. Manatee Pattern on Blue Background

manatees repeating set against a blue background

Searching for a seamless background about marine life? Mad about manatees? This illustration of a blue-eyed manatee has been turned into a seamless vector pattern that you can use for a variety of creative projects.

4. Colorful Whale Illustration

pink whale spouting water from its blowhole

Whales are well-known sea mammals. However, finding appealing illustrations of whales can be quite a challenge. Do you need a cute illustration of a whale spouting water from its blowhole? We’ve found this one for you!

5. Porpoise Marine Mammals Vector Set

Marine mammals vary from species to species. Are you searching for a vector set that shows the variety of porpoises that exist? This vector set shows the Burmeister’s porpoise, finless porpoise, harbor porpoise, Dali’s porpoise, black sea porpoise, and spectacled porpoise!

6. Orcas Watercolor Seamless Pattern

Crazy about orcas? Need a background that shows orcas repeatedly? This watercolor-style illustration of black and white orcas can be used for anything that comes to your mind.

7. Dolphin Show Illustration

Dolphin showing trick, jumping through hoop in dolphinarium. Dolphin plays, does tricks for spectators. Show on water, performance in oceanarium. Viewers watch marine mammal performing in pool

Dolphins are one of the most well-known cetaceans. Do you need an illustration that shows dolphins and humans interacting? Download this digital drawing of a dolphin jumping through hoops for human enjoyment.

8. Dugong Clipart

graphic colorblocked illustration of a dugong swimming

The dugong is a sirenian sea mammal that is closely related to manatees. However, there are key differences; such as the dugong’s fluked tail, large snout, and lack of whiskers. Are you researching facts about dugongs? Download this vector illustration of a dugong swimming.

9. Walrus Sketch

sketch outline of a wrinkled-body walrus

Need a sketch of a walrus you can use for educational purposes? This simple yet detailed drawing just might be what you’re looking for.

10. Blue Whale Isolated Sketch

Whale sea animal isolated sketch. Swimming blue whale marine mammal symbol

Blue whales are majestic marine animals that consume a lot of energy to stay alive. Do you need a sketch-style illustration of a blue whale for your next marine biology lesson? Download this vector that shows a grayscale and color sketch of a blue whale against a white background.

11. Seal Cub Clipart

Are you sharing facts about seals with your students? Or perhaps, you’re discussing the fact that marine mammals give birth to their young…Either way, this illustration of a young seal cub can come in handy.

12. Otter with Aquatic Animals Vector

Otters are often among other aquatic animals. Are you teaching a lesson on marine mammals and the other types of animals that occupy the same habitat? This vector illustration shows an otter seated on a rock with a stork, crab, and fish nearby.

13. Leaping Dolphin Clipart

Clip art illustration of a cute dolphin leaping in the ocean during sunset

Dolphins are undeniably adorable. Don’t you agree? If so, download this vector illustration of a dolphin diving into the ocean during sunset – it’s sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

14. Seal Clipart

black ink style illustration of a seal with whiskers and its head turned to the side

According to National Geographic, there are more than 30 species of pinnipeds alive, most of which are classified as seals. Isn’t that fascinating? Do you need an image of a seal? Consider using this black-ink vector graphic of a seal with its head turned to the side for your next seal-related assignment.

15. Leopard Seal Illustration

illustration of a spotted leopard seal against a white background

Looking for clipart illustrations of leopard seals? Look no further! This detailed drawing of a leopard seal can be used for a plethora of projects, presentations, lesson plans, and more – your imagination is your only limit.