Learning to Be Eco-Friendly: 25 Vector Icons & Tips About the Environment

Learning to Be Eco-Friendly: 25 Vector Icons & Tips About the Environment

“To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people’s trash.”

Bill Nye, American Mechanical Engineer & Science Communicator

Are you looking for vectors illustrations for your discussion about the environment? Searching for tips to share with a classroom of students eager to be more eco-friendly? If you answered yes to either of those questions, this post is definitely for you. Here, you’ll find 10 tips to be more eco-friendly and 25 vector illustrations that all about the environment. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling and download these eco-themed icons and illustrations today!

10 Tips to Be More Eco-Friendly

  • Cut down on your consumption of single-use plastics such as disposable water bottles and plastic eating utensils.
  • Recycle glass and paper products whenever possible.
  • Create a compost bin to reduce food waste and generate organic fertilizer for your garden.
  • Switch to a sustainable and/or tree-less toilet paper option – use rolls made from bamboo, which grows incredibly fast.
  • Donate unused or unneeded appliances and clothing instead of throwing them in the trash.
  • Switch to paperless billing when possible to cut down on paper consumption.
  • Pick up litter when you see it and avoid contributing to land pollution.
  • Unplug electronics when not in use.
  • Hand-wash and mend clothing for increased durability.
  • Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs and try to conserve electricity whenever possible.

25 Environmental Icons & Illustrations

Searching for environmentally-focused icons and illustrations to brighten up your lesson plans on ecology? We’ve got you covered! Below, you’ll find 25 vector files about sustainability, alternative energy sources, recycling, pollution, going green, and everything in between.

1. Environmentally-Friendly Retro Car Illustration

Ecologically clean and environmentally friendly retro-styled imaginary small car..

The future of our planet requires a more ecologically clean and environmentally-friendly approach. Do you want to discuss the driving forces behind climate change? Or how folks can take simple steps to reduce their carbon footprint? You’ll need vectors to illustrate your point – like this Clipart of an eco-friendly, retro-styled car.

2. Set of 64 Ecology Icons

Set of 64 vector icons about the environment

If you teach environmental science or have an interest in ecology, this vector set is perfect for you. It has 64 vector icons related to the environment, ecosystems, pollution, and sustainable solutions – a bit of everything one could need to tackle a debate about the value of being eco-friendly.

3. Volunteer Clean-Up Cartoon

illustration of a volunteer picking up trash and pollution from a mountain's valley

Are you organizing a clean-up at a nearby park, trail, or green space? Need to attract the attention of potential volunteers? Use this Clipart, of a volunteer worker wearing rubber gloves and collecting litter from the grass in a mountain’s valley.

4. Sustainable Energy Illustration

illustration showing solar panels and wind generators as alternative sources of energy

Teaching a lesson on solar or wind energy? Want to discuss the sustainability of alternative energy sources? This graphic illustration depicting solar panels and wind generators might just do the trick.

5. Eco Living Illustrated Signage

3D illustration of a wooden sign that reads 'eco living' and stands in a field of tall grass.

Looking for a sign to go green? Here’s one! This 3D illustration of a wood-planked sign that reads ‘eco living’ can be used for a plethora of projects related to the environment, sustainability, and all things ecology.

6. Leafy Recycling Sign Vector

recycling symbol comprised of green leaves

The environment needs protection. Recycling is one of many ways you can show up for the environment and aid in the sustainability of plant and animal species. Are you searching for a recycling sign to post around your office or classroom? Are you teaching a class on the importance of recycling or how to identify recyclable materials? This recycling sign comprised of green leaves can be used for many things.

7. Field of Solar Panels Illustration

illustration of a field of solar panels

Solar panels harness the incredible power of the sun. Are you teaching a lesson on solar energy? This illustration of a field of solar panels can be used to discuss the benefits of solar energy and the processes that are undergone to generate electricity using the sun.

8. Preservation Text Graphic

Preservation word graphic surrounded by other environment-related words

If you’re looking for a text graphic with bright yellow and green tones, look no further! This vector file places the word preservation front and center and surrounds it with related terms such as reforestation, conservation, pollination, endangered, recyclables, biodiversity, and more! Searching for Clipart to jog your students’ critical thinking skills? This one will do just that!

9. Harmony With Nature Concept

Landscape with green tree, birds and man reading a book. Concept of living in harmony with nature.

Learning to live in harmony with nature can be quite the feat but it is far from impossible! Are you discussing the highs and lows of living as one with Mother nature with your students? Give them a realistic view of living off the land, being eco-friendly or zero-waste and the impact they already have on the environment. A detailed overview of the possibilities is sure to inspire a student or two!

10. Grass-Textured “Eco” Label Template

Eco label design template in textile or grass texture.

Looking for labels? Try this one on for size! With its distinct grass-like texture and illustrated seams, it’s the perfect graphic for an eco-friendly clothing or accessories designer. Agree? Download it right away!

11. Happy Environmentalists Illustration

Happy people holding hands and celebrate international holiday world environment day vector on background of green trees, multinational men and women

It’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of our Earth. Are you trying to inspire your students or loved ones to get involved with an environmental project or hobby? Use this graphic of diverse people holding plants and smiling happily in a field of trees to inspire folks to get involved!

12. Plant Growth Concept

illustration of a seedling sprouting and growing into a large plant

Growth happens over time. Do you need Clipart to illustrate that concept? Use this illustration of a seedling growing through different phases of its life – from sapling to lush green plant.

13. Ecology and Air Pollution Banners

two banners with the top one showing an ecology factor and the bottom one showing the factory producing pollution

Searching for a template to plug in your own research on ecology and air pollution? Look no further than this set of banners! This template can be customized to say whatever you like and used for a variety of creative applications concerning the environment.

14. Cartoony Recycle Bin Clipart

a cartoonish recycling bin illustration that has a smiling face and is holding up a sign encouraging folks to recycle

Many people believe in the power of recycling as a way to reduce waste and give items a second life. Are you trying to encourage others to hop on the recycling bandwagon? Use this fun graphic illustration of a recycle bin smiling and holding up a sign that exclaims “recycle!” boldly.

15. Seamless Ecology Pattern

seamless pattern with lime green background and dark green icons

Seamless patterns with ecological icons can be hard to come by. Luckily, this one exists! And with its images of rain clouds, recycling symbols, carbon footprints, hikers, energy-efficient light bulbs, electric cars, wind turbines, and biofuel; it’s sure to match any environmental concept you’re trying to convey.

16. Environmental Infographic Elements

Icons set for infographics about the environment

Gearing up to discuss waste and reduce it through the practice of recycling? Use this vector illustration that has infographic elements on what’s in the garbage and how to cut that down to a reasonable amount.

17. Stop Coastal Pollution Sign

sign that shows a turtle on a mound of trash and the words stop coastal pollution written in red

Need Clipart for a specific cause? Trying to put an end to coastal pollution that endangers land and sea creatures every year? This Clipart, featuring a turtle traversing a heap of garbage, is perfect for your protest or lesson on the damaging impact of coastal pollution.

18. Recycling Bin Vector Set

vector set of recycling bins saying paper, metal, glass, and plastic in various primary colors

Do you sort your recycling bins by materials? Are you looking for fun Clipart to color code and label your bins? This colorful set of 4 vector icons showing recycling bins for paper, glass, plastic, and metal can come in handy.

19. Green Energy Icon Set

energy icons isolated on a white background

Searching for a set of vector icons that are all about green energy? From biking to corn biofuel, wind energy, and electric vehicles; this set of vector illustrations covers a wind range of alternative sources of energy.

20. Garbage Decomposition Vector Illustration

an illustrated poster on the time it takes for various pieces of garbage to decompose

How long does it take trash to decompose on planet Earth? It’s a really good question! And one that can be easily answered by this graphic poster, that shows the Earth covered in litter with facts about garbage decomposition surrounding it. Did you know that it could take car batteries and plastic bottles up to 100 years or more to decompose? Those facts and more are listed on this poster that urges us all to be a little more mindful of the trash we produce and how it will decompose over time.

21. Isometric Bee Hives Vector

four illustrated beehive colonies with bees buzzing around

Buzzing about bee facts? Sharing a lesson about the importance of pollinators, like bees, with your students? This vector illustration of isometric bee boxes can be used to discuss how to care for bees, beekeeper duties, and what role bees play in the Earth’s ecology.

22. Set of 9 Abstract Tree Icons

If you’re searching for abstract logos for an eco-friendly business concept, the good news is that your search is over. This set of nine abstract tree designs can be used endlessly – as business logos, presentation accents, clothing patterns, and more! The only limit is your imagination.

23. Vegan Food Logo Concept

vegan food graphic showing vegetables being tossed into a bowl

Do you sell vegan food? Are you teaching about the dietary practice of veganism? This bright and bold illustration of various vegetables being tossed into a bowl can be used for a plethora of projects – including branding for a vegan restaurant, stickers, presentations, and more.

24. Green Energy Poster

green energy poster showing the shape of a wind turbine comprised of tiny trees.

Talking about green energy? Give your audience something to look forward to when you use this poster that depicts a wind turbine, all comprised of leafy-green trees in various sizes. With its plentiful space for copy and green color palette, it’s perfect for a discussion on environmental issues and sustainable solutions.

25. Modern Energy Vector Set

vector set with solar panels, wind turbines, green chargers, energy efficient lightbulbs and electric cars

Some modern technology is being built with sustainability in mind – from electric cars and scooters to energy efficient bulbs, solar panels and wind turbines; it just may be possible to live an eco-friendly life on Earth. Do you need a vector set that shows the connection between sustainable practices and modern technology? Well, you’re looking it! Download this set of vector icons, right away and begin the discussions on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.