Discussing Human Health: 20 Clipart Vectors to Promote Mental & Physical Wellness

People playing tennis, riding bicycle and jogging together

Are you planning to discuss physical health, fitness, or mental wellbeing with your students or homeschooled children? It’s important for young children to grasp the concepts of healthy eating, physical exercise and mental wellbeing. However, tackling these topics can take a bit of work. The good news is that we’re here to help! Below, you’ll find essential tips to start discussing health with young children, as well as 20 clipart vectors that can serve as visual aids.

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Essential Tips for Talking to Children About Health

As an educator or parent, it’s important to find time to discuss health and wellbeing with your students or children. However, tackling this topic isn’t always the easiest – which is why we’re here to help! Below are some essential tips to keep in mind when talking to children about physical health, fitness activities, or mental wellness.

  • Be a good example. Children often model their behaviors after the things they witness adults doing. So, as an instructor or concerned parent, the first step you can take to promote wellness is by living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Make health lessons fun and interactive. Children are more eager to learn and more likely to stay engaged when they’re having fun. So, try playing games, doing physical activities, or cooking nutritious meals together as a family (or class).
  • Use age appropriate words to describe bodily functions. Children, especially young ones, may have a hard time grasping health concepts. So, speak their language and use simple explanations and visuals to enhance their learning experience.
  • Encourage physical activity and mental breaks. Talk to your students about the important role food plays for healthy bodies and brains. Encourage them to get outside and play whenever possible and to take breaks when they are feeling mentally overwhelmed.
  • Avoid giving specific medical advice and body-shaming. Unless you are a medical professional, refrain from offering medical advice to anyone (especially children). Furthermore, avoid using language that may be damaging to a child’s self-esteem or considered demeaning in any way. While you want to emphasize the importance of taking care of one’s mind and body, it is important to be mindful of the words you say and the tone you take when discussing sensitive topics.

20 Clipart Vectors for Lessons on Mind and Body Wellness

If you’ve been looking for vectors that illustrate the importance of mind and body wellness, you’re in luck! Here are 20 high-quality illustrations that focus on fitness, meditation, mindfulness, and physical activity.

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1. Children Practicing Yoga Cartoon Illustration

Illustration of child yoga cartoon, sport fitness lifestyle

Want to promote wellness and physical health in the form of yoga? Download this colorful, cartoony illustration that shows diverse kids practicing yoga in various postures.

2. Lady Riding Bicycle Vector

an african american girl wearing a pink shirt and biking through a park

Need to inspire your students to get their bodies moving? Download this illustrated image of a young lady riding a bicycle on a nice day.

3. Instructor-Led Yoga Illustration

an instructor leading a diverse group of children through a yoga class

Teaching a class of young yogis? Download this illustration of diverse children being led through a yoga class by their happy instructor.

4. Lounging Leisurely in the Park Illustration

a woman in an orange dress laying in the grass and using a smartphone, illustration

Want to encourage others to get outside? Download this illustration of a woman relaxing on the grass in a park and remind folks of how nurturing nature can be.

5. Running Woman Vector Drawing

Running woman Sports girl sprinter on a background of blue sky and plants

Coaching track and field or just want to encourage students to exercise? Download this vector drawing of an athlete gearing up for a sprint.

6. Meditative Brain Illustration

a personified brain with a look of peace and serenity

Need to remind students that mental health is important? Download this illustration of a personified brain at peace.

7. Weekend Relaxation Activities Illustration

a girl going through her weekend relaxation activities

Want to encourage a good work-life balance? Download this illustration that depicts relaxing weekend activities.

8. Flat Design Sports Illustration

exercise examples showing running, bodybuilding, surfing and swimming

Need examples of an active lifestyle? Download this vector illustration that shows someone going for a morning run the bodybuilding, swimming and surfing.

9. Food Choice Vector Illustration

redheaded girl choosing between healthy and unhealthy foods

Discussing food habits and healthy eating? Download this illustration that shows a girl choosing between snack foods and fresh produce.

10. Active Lifestyle Webpage Template

Active lifestyle, web page with bicyclists and smile on faces, text sample and lettering, activities and healthy life, isolated on vector illustration

Need a template for a website focused on health and exercise? Download this template that includes illustrations of bicyclists.

11. Businessman in Meditation Illustration

businessman sitting on a desk in lotus yoga pose

Want to promote a healthy balance between work and relaxation? Download this illustration of a businessman sitting crosslegged on top of desk with books and a laptop.

12. Happy Human Organs Icon Set

Human organs with funny emotions. Cartoon vector illustration isolate on white background, Cartoon character human organs, vital internal funny organ brain and kidney

Want to encourage students to take care of their entire body, inside and out? Download this icon set of healthy, happy human organs.

13. Exercise Class Illustration

exercise class with participants wearing leotards

Leading a movement class? Download this illustration of an exercise class in action and use it to promote your own services.

14. Massage Webpage Template

webpage template for massage therapists

Promoting wellness and peace? Download this webpage template that shows examples of different massage therapy techniques.

15. Confident and Courageous Affirmation

quote saying "I am confident and courageous"

Looking for words of encouragement to share? Download this text-based image that reads ‘I am confident & courageous.’

16. Yoga Business Landing Page Template

Yoga landing page. Woman doing fitness workout. Healthy life and meditation in forest. Web flat design template.

Need a template to show off your course offerings? Download this landing page template that shows a woman meditating in the forest.

17. Physical Activity Infographic

Physical activity, fitness and healthy lifestyle vector infographic.

Searching for a template that focuses on fitness and physical activity? Download this vector infographic and use it to explain the benefits of exercise.

18. Girl Meditating in Nature Illustration

Girl meditation yoga on the nature. Palm tree, green bushes and cartoon character fitness woman illustration

Looking for calming Clipart images? You’ve found one! Download this illustration of a girl sitting among bushes and palm trees.

19. Woman with Exercise Ball Illustration

Woman Working Out on an Exercise Ball

Need examples of exercises that involve props? Download this Clipart illustration of a woman working out on an exercise ball.

20. Family Fitness Activities Vector

set of family couples in fitness activities.

Searching for examples of families gathering for fitness and fun? Download this illustration of parents running, biking, and hula-hooping with their young children.

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