Best Educational Easter Activities for Kids [Free Coloring Sheet]

easter themed illustration that shows a bunny rabbit in a woven basket surrounded by decorative eggs

Easter can be a fun time to engage in educational and interactive activities – especially if you have children or you teach a classroom of young learners. However, finding fun ideas to explore on Easter is not always easy. The good news is that we’ve put together a list for you! Below you’ll find the top educational Easter activities, the best Easter Clipart images and a holiday coloring sheet that you can download for free!

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illustration of a smiling Easter bunny holding patterned eggs, set against an oval-shaped pink background

Top Educational Easter Activities

If you’ve been looking for education Easter activities, you’re in luck. Here are some to try today:

  • Gardening – Easter is a springtime holiday. So, get the kids outside to plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Then teach them about the growth cycle of the seeds you’ve sown.
  • Reading – Pick up books about bunnies, spring, or the origins of Easter. Then read them to the children or assign text for them to read on their own.
  • Writing – Encourage young writers to practice their skills by writing Easter-themed poems or short stories.
  • Cooking – Cook or prepare Easter holiday treats as a class or family. During the cooking process discuss measurements and how important it is to follow directions when preparing meals.
  • Scavenger Hunts – Tap into a traditional activity by hosting a scavenger hunt. Use plastic Easter eggs to hide treats. Or make it educational and hide pop quizzes, puzzles, and brain teasers instead.
  • Virtual Field Trips – Take children on an Easter adventure by facilitating a virtual field trip. This can be achieved by visiting online resources such as zoo websites or by using platforms like Google Arts and Culture.

Best Easter Clipart Images to Share

Making holiday greeting cards? Decorating your classroom or homeschool workstation? Scroll to find the best Easter Clipart images that you can use for your creative projects.

1. Paper Style Easter Banner

Need a simple yet dynamic banner to bring in Easter? Download this blue, paper-style vector banner that features eggs, bunny ears and Happy Easter text.

2. Blue Easter Rabbit Background

Easter seamless vector pattern with blue rabbits, Easter eggs, small chickens and carrots

Want a vibrant Easter-themed background set against pastel pink? Download this vector illustration of blue rabbits, orange carrots, yellow chicks, and multicolor Easter eggs set against a pink background.

3. Vintage Easter Sticker Design

vintage style vector illustration of a bunny holding a flower and walking alongside a chick or duckling

Looking for a vintage vector that is all about Easter? Download this vector illustration of a happy rabbit holding a big pink tulip while walking alongside a yellow duckling.

4. Easter Eggs Seamless Pattern

vibrant vector pattern with easter eggs of different colors

Looking for an egg-themed Easter pattern? Download this vector pattern that features vibrant, patterned Easter eggs.

5. Sleeping Bunny Vector Cartoon

cartoon illustration of a brown bunny rabbit sleeping on top of a giant egg that has rainbow stripes

Need a simple image that illustrates Easter? Download this vector drawing of a cartoon bunny sleeping on top of a giant, colorful egg.

6. Easter Icon Set

Vintage elements set of easter theme. Rabbits, eggs, ribbons and others symbols. Easter eggs and rabbit, holiday greeting. Vector illustratio

Need a set of Easter icons to celebrate this holiday? Download this vibrant set of vector icons that feature chipper chicks and rabbits collecting colorful eggs.

7. Easter-themed Seamless Pattern

watercolor seamless pattern features flowers, rabbits, and chicks

Searching for a seamless pattern with an Easter theme? Download this one that features a bunny, chicks, eggs, and flowers – all drawn in the style of a watercolor painting.

8. Easter Bunny Vector Illustration

drawing of the Easter bunny holding a basket of eggs

Want a vibrant vector poster of the Easter bunny? Download this illustration that shows a white rabbit holding a basket of colorful eggs.

9. Vibrant Happy Easter Graphic

colorful easter graphic with the words Happy Easter in the center and colorful eggs surrounding the text

Want to wish others a happy Easter? Download this vibrant vector illustration and share it with friends, families, students, and colleagues.

10. Easter Egg Trees Illustration

vector illustration of three trees with easter eggs growing amid the leaves

Looking for a whimsical illustration the evokes Easter vibes? Download this vector drawing of trees with Easter eggs growing amid the leaves.

Free Easter-Themed Coloring Sheet


Easter Bunny Coloring Sheet

easter themed coloring sheet that shows a bunny rabbit in a woven basket surrounded by decorative eggs

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