Easter is coming!

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Easter is less than 

a week away 

and we are so excited!

Keep the kids busy with these wonderful colouring and activity pages from iCLIPART.com. Choose from pages that are ready to go or create your own.

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For last minute gift giving, pick up some Ink Jet printing sticker pages and some clear jars to make home-made candy jars. Print your images on the sticker paper and decorate your jar. Add some ribbon to the top of the jar and fill with candy. Most items can be found at your local bargain store or around the house.

Get more labels, tags and sticker ideas here: https://www.iclipart.com/search.php?keys=easter+tag&tl=clipart

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Print out some cute bunnies or eggs and add some string for some decorations around your home. Card stock paper would be best for this.

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Not just at Easter but any time of the year you can change up your framed artwork with some temporary prints from our selection of images. Just print and add the images to the frames you already have.

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Here is just a sample of what you can do:

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