Best Illustrations for Lessons on Weather & Climate Science

Set of colorful weather thin, lines, outline, strokes icons. Symbols weather snow, rainbow, rain, heat, sunny, cloudy, wind on dark-blue background.

Are you an educator or homeschooling parent looking for ways to enhance lessons on weather, climate, and meteorology? Understanding the different types of weather Earth experiences and how the climate can affect our daily lives is an important aspect of science education. To make this topic more immersive, we have compiled a collection of visually enticing illustrations of various weather conditions. These high-quality vectors can be used as a teaching aid in the in-person or virtual classroom or they can be integrated into homeschooling activities for the entire family to enjoy! So, if you’ve been looking for ways to help students grasp the concepts of weather patterns and climate change in a fun and exciting way, look no further. Everything you need can be found below!

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3D isometric of various weather symbols. Rain and snow icon illustration

Practical Tips for Teaching Students About Weather and Climate Science

When working with students, particularly young children it can be difficult to explain complex topics such as weather and climate. But don’t fret! Here are some practical tips to help you introduce these concepts to your class.

  • Begin with basic concepts. Teach students the difference between climate and weather, as well as, the different types of weather experienced throughout the world.
  • Incorporate real-life examples. Use local weather forecasts and current weather events to emphasize the concepts that come up in your lessons.
  • Get students involved. Plan hands-on activities to keep your students engaged. This can include creating their own weather forecasts, roleplaying as meteorologists, or making their own weather instruments.
  • Use tech as a teaching aid. Put technology to use when teaching lessons on weather conditions. After all, there are a plethora of weather apps, educational videos, and websites that can be used to help students understand weather and climate science.
  • Foster critical thinking skills. Encourage students to think critically about the impact humans have had on climate and how climate impacts localized weather.
  • Enlist the help of experts. If possible, connect with local meteorologists, climate organizations or scientists to talk to your class and offer their professional perspective.
  • Make lessons more interactive. Integrate tools such as weather simulations or take your class on a virtual field trip! There are so many options but whatever you do, remember to experiment with various ways to explore weather and climate science with your students.

Best Clipart Illustrations for Lessons on Weather, Climate, and Meteorology

1. Cold to Warm Thermometer Gauges Vector Set

Temperature measurement from cold to hot, thermometer gauges set vector illustration.

Teaching students about how to measure temperature? Download this vector illustration of four thermometer gauges measuring temperatures from cold to warm.

2. Wind Strength Levels Vector Concept

Wind strength levels. Windless breeze strong wind hurricane. Set of banners with wind levels

Looking for ways to illustrate the concept of changeable weather? Download this set of four banners that shows a home during a windless day, a breezy day and days with strong wind and a hurricane.

3. Weather Forecast App Vector

Weather Forecast App Vector. Blue Background. Application Of Science And Technology. State Of The Atmosphere. Illustration

Want a way to show your students how technology can be used to track the weather? Download this vector illustration of a weather forecast app, equipped with various precipitation icons.

4. Meteorological Symbols Set

Set of Different Weather Icons, Illustrating Various Natural Phenomena, Clear, Cloudy, Rain, Storm, Snow, Sleet and Hail.

Searching for a set of meteorological symbols that covers various types of natural phenomena? Download this vector set that includes various weather conditions – including clear and partly cloudy skies, rainy and snowy weather, hail storms and more.

5. Cartoon Umbrella Poster

cartoon pink umbrella with yellow handle and shocked expression on its face, poster illustration

Teaching young students about weather patterns? Download this cartoon illustration of an umbrella with raindrops coming down from above.

6. Yellow Glossy Sun Icon Collection

yellow glossy sun icons isolated on white

Need icons of the sun? Download this set of glossy vector illustrations that depict the sun in a variety of styles.

7. Rain Cloud with Lightning Vector Illustration

a vector illustration of a rain cloud with rain and lightning coming from it

Searching for the perfect illustration of rain fall and lightning? Download this vector that shows a rain storm in action.

8. Snowfall Vector Illustration

a vector illustration of a gray cloud with snow falling from it

Need to show you class an example of snowfall? Download this Clipart vector illustration of snowflakes descending from a cloud.

9. Partly Cloudy / Partly Sunny Vector Illustration

vector illustration of a single cloud with the sun peeking through

Searching for a vector illustration that shows partly cloudy or partly sunny weather? Download this high-quality vector file.

10. Cloudy and Stormy Weather Backgrounds

two weather backgrounds, one showing cloudy weather with blue skies and the other showing stormy weather with gray clouds

Need weather-centric backgrounds to use in your lesson plans? Download these cloudy and stormy backgrounds and use them to enhance your next presentation.

11. Acid Rain / Environmental Pollution Website Landing Page

an example of a website landing page that is all about environmental pollution such as acid rains

Working on a website that is all about the environment and the pollution that threatens it? Download this ecological themed website landing page.

12. Night Weather Icon Set

Need icons that show weather at night? Download this set of vector illustrations that show weather occurring during nighttime hours.

13. Wind Infographic

Wind infographics. Tornado and hurricanes banners

Presenting information about the wind and its role in the environment? Download this vibrant vector wind infographic to share with your students.

14. Rain Clouds Chalk Sketch

Color chalked vector illustration of rainy clouds.

Searching for vector illustrations of rain clouds? Download this chalky sketch that shows rain pouring from blue clouds.

15. Vibrant Weather Icons

a set of vector icons that depict the sun, clouds, and various weather patterns such as lightning, rain, and snow.

Want to teach your students about a wide variety of weather patterns? Download this set that shows the sun, clouds, rain, snow, lightning and more.

16. Blue and Yellow Lightning Icons

a vector set of blue and yellow lightning icons

Looking for lightning icons? Download this vector set that has yellow and blue lightning icons on a white background.

17. Cartoon Weather Drawing

Do you desire cutesy, cartoon illustrations of different forms of weather? Download this set of snowy, rainy, stormy, and sunny icons.

18. Heat Stroke Infographic

vector infographic about heat stroke and sun stroke prevention

Discussing heat waves or high temperatures with your students? Download this infographic template that’s all about heat strokes and the impact hot temperatures can have on the human body.

19. Four Seasons Landscape Banners

Four seasons landscape. Banners with trees, mountains and hills in winter, spring, summer, autumn

Need to talk about weather in the context of the four seasons? Download this set of vector banners that show winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

20. Weather Forecast Icons

Collection of snowflake and cloud meteorology icons, illustration of forecast icons
Weather forecast vector icons. Climate and meteo symbols. Collection of snowflake amd cloud meteorology icons, illustration of forecast icons

Looking for icons to complement your lesson on climate and meteorology? Download this set of weather forecast vector icons.

Need more weather-themed Clipart illustrations? Check out our curated collection of weather vectors.

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