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  • Free Social Media Content Calendar – March 2021 –

     Stop scrambling for social media content. is dedicated to making your content marketing the best it can be. Each month we will be preparing a social media content calendar to help with your social media posts and marketing. You will have access to a calendar filled with special dates, holidays, #hashtags and links to […]

  • Women and Friendship, Past and Present

    They say you shouldn’t live in the past, but it sure can be fun to revisit it once in a while.  I get a great kick out of Throwback Thursday — a time to take a walk down memory lane through social media. Each week folks hunt out an old picture and post it on […]

  • Celebrating Females on International Girls Day

    Today is International Girls Day. Information from the Just for Girls website explains that the event was created on behalf of the Confidence Coalition by Kappa Delta Sorority in 2010.  It celebrates girls and the spirit which lies uniquely within them. The intention is to encourage them to make their dreams a reality, to inspire […]

  • Photos Celebrating Working Women for Equal Pay Day

    It was a commercial you’ll never see again, though it was quite popular when it appeared in the late 1960s.  It began with an Edwardian woman hiding in a gazebo while smoking a cigarette, then after being discovered by her husband is chased back to the house. There are some other vignettes between, including that […]