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  • Be the Life of the Social Media Party. Here are 8 Sources to Create Your Own Memes

    #TGIF #FridayFeeling #FridayNight #FridayFunday Today is Friday, for which hashtags express one fairly clear emotion. That is if “Yippee!”can be considered an emotion. There is plenty to look forward to on this particular day of the week. Whether it’s two days and nights of socializing, or catching up on household chores, or just kicking back […]

  • Conversation in the Age of Social Media and the Safe Use of Digital Images

    A comment was made in a business meeting recently that really struck me. There was nothing particularly deep or profoundly insightful about it. It was, though, a few simple words put into question form that brought home the reality of today’s world. “Who would ever have thought that we would be using images to express […]

  • How to Improve Your Instagrams

    You could put it down to my age; I suspect it’s more the simple fact  I really just don’t have the time to add another social media anything to my life.Regardless of the reason, I am not a follower of the Instagram craze. If you are like me, then I should probably go no further […]

  • Thousands of Thirsty Thursday Illustrations

    Today, as it has become known in social media, is Thirsty Thursday. Its popularity is typically with college and business students who,  either having no classes or a light schedule on Friday, want to get a jump on an intoxicating weekend of partying. And then there are people like me. They’ll take the excuse provided […]

  • Women and Friendship, Past and Present

    They say you shouldn’t live in the past, but it sure can be fun to revisit it once in a while.  I get a great kick out of Throwback Thursday — a time to take a walk down memory lane through social media. Each week folks hunt out an old picture and post it on […]