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  • Education Resource – School Edition School Edition is a safe, specially curated edition of our site. No need to worry about what students are accessing online. Every and School Edition subscription includes professional-grade imagery in formats compatible with virtually all Macintosh and Windows compatible software. Just choose the format you need and click download. […]

  • Images For Crafters For Less Than A $1.93 A Week.

    Advanced Search Options Choose from millions of images to use on all your craft projects. allows you to search by the files types that you are interested in (JPG, SVG, PNG, AI and more). Whether you are making crafts, t-shirts, DIY projects, home decor or using your Cricut cutter. has images for you. […]

  • 15 Romantic Valentine’s Day Photoshop Tutorials

    Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. Thus the time is here to start thinking about personal projects and promotions for lovers and the besotted. The notion of putting a little romance in the middle of a long winter is worth celebrating. While there are those who consider Feb. 14 no different than any […]

  • Have Some Laughs With These Photoshop Friend Projects

    It’s not easy to point out one thing that’s the best about having friends. It can depend on one’s own needs or expectations and their are so many attributes in a person to consider. Common interests and shared interests can lead to friendship.  Likewise chemistry.  We also tend to depend on them for everything from […]

  • Dozens of Awesome Halloween Photoshop Tutorials

    It might still be several days before we get to Halloween, but there are signs of the imminent arrival of ghouls and goblins, witches and warlocks at every turn. From decorated houses and storefront windows, to promotional materials and classroom activities,  the minds of parents, merchants, teachers and tiny tots are full of spooky images […]

  • Back-To-School Themed Photoshop Projects

    As editor of a community newspaper for over 20 years most of my time was spent dealing with news and features — obviously. From time to time, too though, a production team member might amble shyly into my office to get my assistance in spinning  words and phrases to promote what was being sold. Any  […]

  • A Few Favourites from

    The reasons to use images in a project are many and varied.  On the professional side of things you have people in the design, media and printing industries who all need illustrations and photos for diverse purposes. When you think about it, every day your hands  probably touch or your eyes probably see something created […]

  • Valentine Craft Ideas Using Clipart

    Card companies love Valentine’s Day.  Stores display a bevy of loving messages, sentimental, romantic or humorous,  ensuring there is a right one for the persona who holds a special place in your heart. While you might think that conveying your feelings of amour for a life partner should be polished and professional in style,  it […]

  • Finish Your Project With a Flourish

    Sometimes, you just need that little extra something.  It’s the cherry on the top of your sundae, the dollop of whipped cream in the hot chocolate, the extra old cheese in the omelette that can make the treat complete. Sad, I suppose, that my spontaneous examples were all about food,  because really, this does apply […]

  • Backgrounds and Elements for Romantic Projects

    Two years ago now, my youngest daughter was deep in the busyness of wedding planning.  From beginning to end, she knew what she wanted, including the decision that she had the ability and creativity to make her own wedding invitations, cards, etc. Choosing the popular theme of black and white, and touring around royalty-free clipart […]