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    For some 2020/2021 allowed us to spend more time (as we were confined to the safety of our homes) to be creative and follow our passions. Designers produced more digital art and illustrations, more people became passionate about small business and crafting and teachers needed online resources to keep students engaged and entertained. Let’s take […]

  • Free Social Media Content Calendar – January 2020

    Stop scrambling for social media content. Vital Imagery is dedicated to making your content marketing the best it can be. Each month we will be preparing a social media content calendar to help with your social media posts and marketing. You will have access to a calendar filled with special dates, holidays, #hashtags and links […]

  • The Best of 2019 –

    Here are some of our most popular images of 2019. It’s not hard to see why they were so popular: Sunflowers in a field: Source: Back to school concept including books and stationery supplies with chalkboard: Source:  Long exposure night landscape: Source: Border of fruits and fall leaves on the dark wooden […]

  • Awesome Ideas for Pet Portraits

    Source: Are you ready to capture some fun and creative photos of your dog? Do you want to do this yourself, rather than hiring a pro?If so, there are several ways you can create amazing shots that are truly unique. Keep reading for some of the best ideas out there. Add Clipart to the Photo While […]

  • Create A Menu That Pops!

    #1737178 Whether you’re the latest hotspot or a local tried and true. Menu design is important to your business and shouldlook as good as your food is. We have some amazing images to help create the perfect menu design. Our high quality photographs and illustrations can make a huge difference on how your menu looks […]

  • What’s on your Marketing Calendars?

    A content marketing calendar is exactly what it sounds like:A content plan that covers your marketing activities for an entire month or year. Clipart ID: #1030514 Content marketing is not something you should take care of on-the-go. It is best to organize your content in the form of calendar. Perhaps you own a small pizza […]

  • DPI – Doesn’t Really Matter

    Sometimes people confuse DPI (Dots Per Inch) and PPI (Pixels Per Inch) When talking about the inking of prints DPI means Dots Per Inch. Just to make everyone confused DPI is also sometimes used to refer to Pixels Per Inch. To be technically correct we should really refer to resolution as PPI or px/inch or px/cm. The […]

  • Simple Tips For Taking Pictures of Your Christmas Tree

    Here area few simple tips for taking pictures of your Christmas Tree this Holiday Season. There are two pieces of equipment, besides my Canon EOS 5D Mark II, that I always use when photographing a Christmas Tree: my tripod and my remote shutter release. If you don’t have those, you can find a nice sturdy […]

  • Beautiful Children in Beautiful Photos from and That are Sure to Heal Your Soul

    “The soul is healed by being with children.” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky Such a powerful truth spoken in so few words.  Especially in the mind of a grandparent. I loved my children with all of the devotion and adoration that any parent does. I knew when I first met each of them, that there was magic […]

  • So Much to Look Forward to in Spring, Starting First With These Great Easter Egg Hunt Photos

    Easter Egg Hunt Photos Spring had arrived, but on that day, overnight,  Mother Nature took an opportunity to remind us that when it comes to winter’s ultimate farewell, it’s not exactly packing its bags. A glance out the window showed a pristine landscape that had once again been blanketed with a new cover of fluffy […]

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