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  • Understanding File Formats for Images – Raster vs Vector

      Source: Images play an important role in our lives. Whether you are an educator, working with social media and advertising content or crafting. Understanding the differences with the images you work with is important. The main difference between file formats are raster and vector. Raster images are compiled using pixels, or tiny dots. […]

  • Perfect Your Christmas Light Photography With Great Tips from Expert Resources

    It happens that I am one of those people. As the year winds down, as the final months flip away, I can barely contain my eagerness. Christmas is on its way and in the weeks leading up to it I’m keen every year to begin celebrating this wonderful season of peace, joy and goodwill. Though […]

  • Autumn’s Perfect for Family Photos, Especially When You Take Them in a Pumpkin Patch

    September days are here,With summer’s best of weatherAnd autumn’s best of cheer.”— Helen Hunt Jackson Well, there’s certainly no argument this week that we’ve enjoyed the best of summer weather.  After a somewhat atypical dismal, damp July and August, followed by an abysmal start to September, Mother Nature has given us a gift. For several […]

  • Restore an Old Photo in Photoshop

    In the hashtag world of social media probably one of the most familiar is Throwback Thursday or TBT. The point is to wax nostalgic by posting old photos to stir memories and often just for your friends entertainment. Personally it’s a favourite.  Having taken copious amounts of pictures over the years, particularly of family,  what […]

  • 2 Photo Collections for Father’s Day

    It will soon be time to give Dad his due. In just a little over a week we will celebrate Father’s Day, a holiday that pays tribute to our first heroes.  Stereotypically with bad ties and cheap cologne. I admit when it came to buying gifts for my dad, to whom we said a final […]

  • Thousands of Relaxing Photos for a Friday

    So what are you doing on the weekend? Asked the question by a co-worker on this particular Friday morning, I listed a full schedule of travel and socializing, babysitting and family, responsibilities and chores. Pretty much the same as any other weekend. With that in mind the photo collections selected for today are going to […]

  • Thousands of Photos Saluting Musicians

    Yesterday a post on Facebook that I shared stated “The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I think the best medicine is and always will be music.” To a fairly significant degree, I agree. So let me just say that my husband and I blew off a little steam last night at a […]

  • How to Photograph Snowflakes

    When you’re young, winter can be an enchanting season. Waking one morning to a world that’s been transformed from the dreary landscape of leftover autumn into a wonderland of white is magical.  Adults need only look through the eyes of a child to discover the beauty in the cold and snow.  They look deep into […]

  • How to Improve Your Instagrams

    You could put it down to my age; I suspect it’s more the simple fact  I really just don’t have the time to add another social media anything to my life.Regardless of the reason, I am not a follower of the Instagram craze. If you are like me, then I should probably go no further […]

  • Tips for Compositing in Photoshop

    Outside the wind is howling, blowing the trillions of fluffy flakes from the sky and where they lie. A winter storm is raging, turning the landscape a bland white under a canopy of dreary grey. Home from work, I push in through the door, doffing the armour that protected me against the driving snow and […]

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