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  • Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages from

    In honor of the season of giving is offering free downloadable Thanksgiving coloring pages for a limited time. Visit here to view all the available downloads:  If you need an account you can sign up for free here:  Please visit our usage chart for any questions you might have: or contact […]

  • Celebrating an Enchanting Occasion With St. Patrick’s Day Colouring Pages from

     “St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time — a day to begin transforming winter’s dream into summer’s magic.” Adrienne Cook As we move ever closer to the start of March, excited for the warming sun and the promise of spring that comes with that month, we also can look forward to a spirited holiday. And […]

  • 1,000 Halloween Colouring Pages

    It was one of those completely exhausting weekends that I enjoy more than those relaxing, rejuvenating ones. Our daughter’s two little ones came to stay and for two days from the dawning hours until twilight Papa and I were on the go. In a house long past its baby days, finding ways to entertain a […]

  • Grab Your Green for These Saint Patrick’s Day Colouring Pages

    Go Green! This can be rooting for the team, or thinking ecologically.  Or, in just 10 days, it can mean doffing your Kelly green duds and making like the Irish in recognition of Saint Patrick’s Day. I remember as a little one in school the teachers hyping March 17 as if their students’ names were […]

  • Colouring Christmas Images

    With heads full this time of year — of  Santa and sleigh, gifts and goodies, naughty and nice — it’s little wonder youngsters can be a tad excited.  Taking their thoughts away from Christmas isn’t an easy task, despite what other tasks need to be addressed.  Heck, with so much build-up (the hype begins practically […]