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  • Mardi Gras 2021 –

      When it became obvious to everyone that going forth with Mardi Gras parades in 2021 wasn’t going to be good idea, city leaders reached out to the public for ideas on ways to celebrate Carnival time safely. One of the best ideas came from Megan Joy Boudreaux who suggested in a Tweet that people […]

  • Vintage Valentine Images, Quotes and Messages

    Source: Vintage Valentine’s are popular again. We have a great assortment of charming and whimsical images that feature children, animals and more. Print and share with everyone you know. Valentine’s are not just shared with your loved one or crush. They can be shared with family and friends that are also dear to you. […]

  • Heart and Stroke Month Photos

    Two people arrived at my front door last weekend, reminding me that when it comes to matters of the heart this month, there’s more to this month than Valentine’s Day. February is Heart and Stroke Month and canvassers are moving through neighbourhoods collecting donations to help fund cardiovascular illness research.  Where I live, in Canada, […]

  • When You’ve Just Got to Have a Heart

    Valentine’s Day is on its way and no matter what you are creating to commemorate the occasion, from promotional materials to cards, it’s pretty much a given that a heart will be featured somewhere.  For those doing the designing, whether working on a commercial or personal project, it’s quite probable that a heart will actually […]