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  • Valentine’s Day 2021 –

      Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day, during a pandemic, doesn’t sound like it could be much fun, but it is possible to celebrate with your significant other and stay safe. Here are few ideas to get you started: 1. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, plan a romantic meal for two. In bed or decorate a special […]

  • How To Create a Mother’s Day Card

    Hanging on my bedroom wall is a painting,  a simple flower in summer colours drawn by one of my favourite artists — my grandson when he was about six years old.  Written above this delightfully simple piece of artwork are the words “Happy Mother’s Day!”  One of the first things I see after rising, this […]

  • Valentine Craft Ideas Using Clipart

    Card companies love Valentine’s Day.  Stores display a bevy of loving messages, sentimental, romantic or humorous,  ensuring there is a right one for the persona who holds a special place in your heart. While you might think that conveying your feelings of amour for a life partner should be polished and professional in style,  it […]

  • Backgrounds and Elements for Romantic Projects

    Two years ago now, my youngest daughter was deep in the busyness of wedding planning.  From beginning to end, she knew what she wanted, including the decision that she had the ability and creativity to make her own wedding invitations, cards, etc. Choosing the popular theme of black and white, and touring around royalty-free clipart […]

  • Terrific Illustrations for Your Valentine Projects

    When it comes to matters of the heart, it’s never too soon. Valentine’s Day is still weeks away, but thinking of new ways to romance the love of your life can take some planning, preparing and even project work. While researching information for a newsletter recently I came upon this great site from Better Homes […]

  • Free Fantastic Fonts for Festive DIY Fun

    Christmas is a holiday for the senses. The music we hear, the foods we taste, the hugs we feel, the aromas of roasting turkey, of cinnamon and of pine that delight our noses, plus the sight of all this and other good things, help create the atmosphere of home and goodwill we associate with this […]

  • Photoshop Tutorials for Your Christmas Projects

    It might be weeks away yet, but at my house it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Compared to some people, I suppose my holiday decor isn’t too over the top. However, as I like to put a little bit of seasonal cheer in most every room it does take some time. Thus, the […]

  • Photoshop Effects for Your Christmas Projects

    I’ve spent a lot of time over the years, in columns and blogs, challenging people to try and personalize Christmas by creating projects of their own. It’s a great idea, I believe it firmly.  But there’s a bit of irony here. I’m neither particularly creative, nor crafty.  Kind of been a handy excuse to not […]