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    For some 2020/2021 allowed us to spend more time (as we were confined to the safety of our homes) to be creative and follow our passions. Designers produced more digital art and illustrations, more people became passionate about small business and crafting and teachers needed online resources to keep students engaged and entertained. Let’s take […]

  • Vector Design Ideas – Fluid, Liquid and Gradient Styled Images

     Vector Design Ideas – Fluid, Liquid, Gradient and Marble Styled Images  These continue to be a popular choice in 2021 when designing brochures,  album art, product advertising, wall art and so much more.Set of posters with flowing pattern. Abstract stream of colorful liquid shape.  Modern background with gradient stripes.  Find stunning designs, themes, templates and […]

  • Understanding File Formats for Images – Raster vs Vector

      Source: Images play an important role in our lives. Whether you are an educator, working with social media and advertising content or crafting. Understanding the differences with the images you work with is important. The main difference between file formats are raster and vector. Raster images are compiled using pixels, or tiny dots. […]

  • Valentine’s Day 2021 –

      Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day, during a pandemic, doesn’t sound like it could be much fun, but it is possible to celebrate with your significant other and stay safe. Here are few ideas to get you started: 1. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, plan a romantic meal for two. In bed or decorate a special […]

  • Has Added Millions of Images and Lowered Prices

    Are you looking for eye catching  images for your social media pages and websites? is adding thousands of images per month. Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars a year for individual downloads for your craft and design projects? Choose between 1-week to 2-year subscriptions at amazingly low prices! Calling all graphic designers, […]

  • Colour in Advertising

    Carefully selecting the appropriate colour can send out a powerful message to the viewer before they have even had time to read what the advertisement is promoting. Yellow:Youthful, optimistic and full of energy. Often used to grab the attention of window shoppers. Great for use in promoting children’s activities. Brighten up with more YELLOW designs. […]

  • Design Trends for 2020

    Are you a graphic designer, small business owner, in marketing or web design? Here is a look at some of the styles that will be trending this year. 2020 will feature brighter and bolder colors , animated videos and natural looking stock photo’s. Genuine Photos When using stock photography for your social media content and […]

  • Create A Menu That Pops!

    #1737178 Whether you’re the latest hotspot or a local tried and true. Menu design is important to your business and shouldlook as good as your food is. We have some amazing images to help create the perfect menu design. Our high quality photographs and illustrations can make a huge difference on how your menu looks […]

  • Content Management For Non-Designers

    Not only is it important that your content reads well, but you also want it to look great! You don’t have to be an amazing graphic designer to create great blogs, social media content or presentations. You also don’t have to hire a graphic designer to create all of your content.  Visual content is important […]

  • Let’s Talk About Vector Images

    If you are just beginning to get creative with images or if you have ever had any graphic design work done for you, you have probably heard the term vector image. Digital art can be categorized in two main groups; vector images and raster images. Vector images are computer made with points, curves and lines. […]