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  • Valentine’s Day 2021 –

      Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day, during a pandemic, doesn’t sound like it could be much fun, but it is possible to celebrate with your significant other and stay safe. Here are few ideas to get you started: 1. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, plan a romantic meal for two. In bed or decorate a special […]

  • Getting Creative for Valentine’s Day

    For our second Cricut project we decided to see if we could create a layered design from card stock for Valentine’s Day. We chose image #1800685 from for our basic design. Because the image has extra layers to simulate shadows and shading we first removed those in Adobe Illustrator. We also removed the floating […]

  • Images for Your Home Based Business and Craft Projects

    With the advances in technology and the internet, it has become increasingly easier to sell products, such as, t-shirts, mugs and other easily made products from your home. Some people think that you can just search for images on Google, download them and add it to your products to start making money or part of […]

  • Awesome Ideas for Pet Portraits

    Source: Are you ready to capture some fun and creative photos of your dog? Do you want to do this yourself, rather than hiring a pro?If so, there are several ways you can create amazing shots that are truly unique. Keep reading for some of the best ideas out there. Add Clipart to the Photo While […]

  • Coloring – for Kids and Adults

    Clipart ID: #1826117 We would love the kids to stay off of the electronics for summer break and I wanted to let you know about a great tool on that could help save your summer and kids boredom. Have you planned what the kids will do when you’re away for the weekend or week […]

  • Summer Family Fun Checklist

    Clipart ID: #1041690   Summer is quickly approaching and the school year is coming to an end. It’s time to start planning those summer activities that will help make great memories with you and your family, keep the kids busy and won’t break the bank. Here is a check-list with something for everyone in the […]

  • Happiness is Seeing Your Mother Smile.

    As we get ready to celebrate our Mother’s for Mother’s Day, here is a list of quotes and sayings that will help you to personalize your notes and greetings to her: Clipart ID: #166265 Home is where your mom is. I do what I want, when I want, where I want… if my mom says […]

  • Easter is coming!

    Clipart ID: #164048 Easter is less than  a week away  and we are so excited! Keep the kids busy with these wonderful colouring and activity pages from Choose from pages that are ready to go or create your own. Clipart ID: #311808 Clipart ID: #1133892 For last minute gift giving, pick up some […]

  • Content Management For Non-Designers

    Not only is it important that your content reads well, but you also want it to look great! You don’t have to be an amazing graphic designer to create great blogs, social media content or presentations. You also don’t have to hire a graphic designer to create all of your content.  Visual content is important […]

  • Let’s Talk About Vector Images

    If you are just beginning to get creative with images or if you have ever had any graphic design work done for you, you have probably heard the term vector image. Digital art can be categorized in two main groups; vector images and raster images. Vector images are computer made with points, curves and lines. […]