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    For some 2020/2021 allowed us to spend more time (as we were confined to the safety of our homes) to be creative and follow our passions. Designers produced more digital art and illustrations, more people became passionate about small business and crafting and teachers needed online resources to keep students engaged and entertained. Let’s take […]

  • Tips For Finding Stock Images –

     Sometimes finding the perfect image on a stock imaging site can be a challenge. These tips will help reduce the time spent looking for images. Finding Images: When entering your keywords, remember that it is best to use simple keywords not sentences. For example: “ball blue dog” is better than ” dog running down the […]

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    Clipart ID: #20469337 Did you know? 20 Facts about Canada Canada only got its own flag 100 years after it became a country on February 15, 1965. The Canadian Mint has a 1 million dollar coin that is USABLE A crater on the planet Mars was named after the town of Gander, NFL in honour […]

  • Understanding User Rights For Stock Images

    Illustration ID: #290481 Stock images can be used in anything from commercial advertising, blogging, product creation or social media but make sure you understand your rights to an image before you use it. Before you jump in and use “free stock images” make sure that you are not setting yourself up for a lawsuit. There […]

  • Spring Forward with

    Clipart ID: #109350763 This weekend, in most of Canada, the United Sates and many other countries around the world, daylight savings will be observed.There have been many years of debates regarding the benefits, or lack of, for daylights savings. For me, just like Timmies “roll up the rim” this is another indication that spring is […]

  • Vital Imagery Ltd. Celebrating 10 Years

    “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” — Napoleon Hill. It’s time to sing Happy Birthday to Vital Imagery Ltd. (VI) and celebrate its achievements. Ten years ago, this online subscription graphics service began offering customers quality photos, illustrations and more for use in business and personal projects. The company was the vision of […]

  • 4 Collections of Basketball Clipart

    As the weather warms, athletes and sports fans turn their interests to outside games. Baseball diamonds are alive again with the crunch of bat and smack of glove. Hard bodies line up on other side of the net, smooth sand beneath their feet for beach volleyball.  Fleet of foot, soccer players tear up the pitch […]

  • Hundreds of Inspirational Photos

    From time to time we all need to heal. Fortunately, we can often find the right therapy in the world around us. I tend to consider society as a whole as the walking wounded. We’ve all experienced profound grief and debilitating sadness. We have all lived through pain, through loss, through trials. Yet, each and […]

  • Creepy Photos for Halloween

    A week from today is Halloween. That day, and in the days leading up to it, it’s time for all things creepy, when people  innocently entertain the macabre, in  thought and deed. Typically protective parents take their kids to haunted events, where organizers have designed tableaux meant to terrify. These are the places where monsters […]

  • Hundreds of Colouring Pages to Get Tots in the Halloween Spirit

    In 11 days, little ghosts and goblins will be haunting the streets, gliding figures silhouetted in the glow of streetlamps. Front porches will be festooned with gauzy spectres and sneering jack-o-lanterns attracting  tiny trick-or-treaters, and some young-at-heart ones as well. Up to the door they will come, baskets and bags in hand, in search of  […]