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  • Vector Design Ideas – Fluid, Liquid and Gradient Styled Images

     Vector Design Ideas – Fluid, Liquid, Gradient and Marble Styled Images  These continue to be a popular choice in 2021 when designing brochures,  album art, product advertising, wall art and so much more.Set of posters with flowing pattern. Abstract stream of colorful liquid shape.  Modern background with gradient stripes.  Find stunning designs, themes, templates and […]

  • Autumn Marketing and Advertising Tips

    Beautiful Autumn Background Not everyone looking for images is experienced in the world of graphic design and image editing or has the artistic ability or the creative tools to see a visual concept and bring it to reality.Our images can make it easier for your marketing and advertising campaigns to come to life and save […]

  • Hello September!

    Photo ID: #1589493 The summer days are winding down and autumn is fast approaching. Soon it will be time for sweaters, falling leaves and comfy socks. If you’re an avid reader, you probably have a book quote for every occasion. Here are some great quotes for the end of summer and coming autumn that you […]

  • Negative Space Images and Advertising

    ID #1642752   Negative space is defined as the area that surrounds the subject of an image. Negative space allows our eyes to focus on the subject of an image, no matter how subtle it may be. The absence of content does not mean the absence of interest. In fact, negative space often adds interest […]

  • Spotlight: Stock Animation and more at Animation Factory

    Animation Animation Factory brings you PowerPoint templates, animated gifs, animated clipart and animated graphics to enhance your web projects, blogs and emails.  Animation Factory is the place for web elements and animated graphics to enhance your web and video projects. # 14266746 Power Clipart In addition to amazing animation, Animation Factory also offers High Resolution […]

  • Happiness is Seeing Your Mother Smile.

    As we get ready to celebrate our Mother’s for Mother’s Day, here is a list of quotes and sayings that will help you to personalize your notes and greetings to her: Clipart ID: #166265 Home is where your mom is. I do what I want, when I want, where I want… if my mom says […]

  • Love These Affordable Christmas Backgrounds and Elements

    “November is auspicious in so many parts of the country: the rich harvest is already in, the weather starts to cool, and the festive glow which precedes Christmas has began to brighten the landscape.” — D. Sionil Jose Thanksgiving is still a few days away but there’s no question it’s already beginning to look a […]

  • 900 Plus Valentine Backgrounds

    A very important factor in making a project — whether it’s a relationship or a building — is a strong foundation. A marriage built on less can’t sustain itself; a house without one will sink and fall. When it comes to creating something with an illustration, often the thing to tie it all together, to […]

  • 3 Collections of Music-Themed Backgrounds

    Choosing a theme for these posts every day is typically inspired by something that happens or is about to. Tying that in to the purpose is where the challenge begins for me. There are days when a particular bit of news you hear in the morning, though,  can affect you in such a way that […]

  • 90 Inspiring Photos for a New Year

    When a new year is upon us I often think of it as a time for change, not just within myself but in the pattern that seemed to define the previous year. For example, 2006 has been stuck in my memory as a time of extreme tragedies and profound sadness. Loss and grief seemed to […]