Best Visual Aids for Lessons on Conservation & Environmental Science

Solar panel against blue sky - free sun energy.

Conservation and environmental science are important fields of study that play a crucial role in understanding the health of planet Earth. Are you teaching students or homeschooled children about the importance of protecting natural resources or how sustainable efforts have a positive impact on our environment? It is becoming increasingly important to educate young students about the ecological challenges our planet faces and the ways humans are trying to address them.

Visual aids offer educators and parents a power tool for expanding students’ knowledge of these concepts. So, if you are teaching about conservation and environmental science; consider using photographs, charts, infographics, or Clipart vector illustrations in your class – as they can help students grasp complex concepts and become more immersed in the lesson.

From icons of the Earth, to infographics about water conservation; visual aids can help bring environmental science to life for many students. And guess what? You’re in luck! In this article, we will provide you with a curated selection of the best visual aids.

1. Flat Globe Design on Blue Background

vector illustration of a flat earth set against a blue background

Searching for a vector illustration of a globe on a blue background? Download this flat design and use it as a visual aid or addition to your environmental project.

2. Water Icon

vector icon of a water faucet with water droplet and green leaf

Need an icon that symbolizes water conservation? Download this vector icon of a water faucet accented by a green leaf.

3. Wind Farm on Sunny Day Illustration

vector image of a wind turbine farm on a sunny day

Teaching students about wind turbines? Download this vector illustration of a wind farm on a sunny day.

4. Algae Bloom Illustration

Illustration of a Hand Shoving Algae from Algae Bloom

Discussing the ecosystem with your class or homeschooled children? Download this vector illustration of a hand scooping algae from an algae bloom.

5. Solar Panel Neon Icon

neon vector icon of solar panels charging in the sun

Searching for a vector image of solar panels? Download this glowing bright icon of solar panels being charged by the sun.

6. Sustainable House Vector Icon

isometric illustration of a house with solar panels and wind turbines

Looking for a vector icon that helps you discuss renewable energy? Download this vector image of an isometric house icon with solar panels and a wind turbine.

7. Zero Waste Products Vector Icon Set

zero waste product icon set

Talking to your students about reusable products and the impact recycling has on the environment? Download this colorful vector icon set that shows reusable cosmetics.

8. Reusable Produce Bag Illustration Set

vector illustration of reusable produce bags

Teaching students about how to reduce plastic waste? Download this vector illustration set of reusable shopping bags full of produce.

9. Ecology and Environmental Science Infographic Template

green and blue eco-friendly themed infographic template featuring charts, lightbulb illustration and tree icon

Need an infographic to cover topics related to conservation and environmental science? Download this eco-themed infographic template that comes in various shapes of green and blue.

10. Seedling Vector Icon

outlined vector icon of a plant seedling growing in a pot

Talking about roots, seedlings, or how to care for plants in general? Download this outlined vector icon of a plant seedling.

11. 3D Globe Vector Drawing

3D vector image of a globe

Discussing the global environment or how climate change impacts our world? Download this 3D vector illustration of a green and blue globe wrapped in a botanical wreath.

12. Recycled Shopping Bag Icon

vector image of a brown recycled paper bag with recycle symbol icon on front

Talking about the importance of recycling? Download this isolated icon of a recycled brown paper bag.

13. Green Energy and Ecology Icon Set

Green energy and ecology icon set in green color on white background

Discussing ecology and science behind green energy? Download this vector icon set that shows recycle symbols, a water icon, wind turbine and more.

14. World Water and Global Warming Infographic Template

Ecology infographics with word water and global warming statistics information. Total water resources world map, graph and chart with recycle, clean energy and green tree plant flat symbol

Searching for an infographic template that has space to discuss world water and global warming statistics? Download this green vector file that includes a world map icon, water symbols, and charts.

15. Recycling, Bio Fuel, & Ecology Vector Banners

vector web banners for ecology, recycling and bio fuel

Need banners that cover topics such as recycling, bio fuel, or ecology? Download this vector banner set that features flat ecology icons.

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