Best STEM Clipart Vectors to Share with Students

isometric science concepts

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – four critical subjects to explore with your students or homeschooled children. However, finding high quality illustrations that fit STEM lessons can be rather difficult. The good news is that we’re here to help! In this post, you’ll find 20 vector illustrations you can use in your classroom or in lessons taught to your homeschooled children. Keep reading!

Science Illustrations

1. Satellite Icon

illustration of a satelitte

Discussing satellites or the science behind space travel? Download this vector illustration of a satellite icon.

2. Chemical Test Tube Icon Set

Chemical test tube icons isolated on white. Laboratory equipment for chemistry, biology, microbiology science. Flask sign symbol for science experiment. Glassware or beaker. Education concept. Vector

Talking about chemistry or related topics? Download this colorful icon set of chemicals in test tubes.

3. Biomaterials Icon Set

colorful icon set of biomaterials

Discussing biology, medicine, bioengineering, DNA, or other scientific topics? Download this colorful icon set that features illustrations of different biomaterials.

4. Chemist Holding Science Beaker Illustration

chemist holding a big flask

Talking about the importance of research? Download this vector illustration that shows a chemist in colorful clothes holding a scientific instrument.

5. Isometric Science Vector Set

isometric science set

Teaching students how to conduct themselves in a science laboratory? Download this isometric science set that shows various scientists conducting research using a variety of scientific tools.

Technology Illustrations

1. Fitness Tracker Illustration

vector image of a smartwatch on a person's wrist

Teaching your students about smartwatches? Download this vector illustration of a person looking at a fitness tracker on a smartwatch device.

2. House Appliances Illustration

network of house appliances on a white background

Discussing the technology modern humans encounter on a daily basis? Download this vector illustration that shows various household electronics including lamps, a refrigerator, television, laptop and more.

3. Virtual Communication Concept

cartoon illustration of a girl on a laptop screen

Talking about distance learning or other forms of virtual communication? Download this cartoon illustration of a young girl on a laptop screen.

4. Smartphone Virtual Assistant Illustration

Hands Hold Smartphone Free Chat Bot, Robot Virtual Assistance On Smartphone Say Hello

Technology is constantly advancing. If you’re discussing the evolution of technology with your class, download this vector illustration that shows a robot virtual assistant on a smartphone.

5. Social Media Landing Page Template

Social media landing page. Virtual communication vector concept. Isometric people with gadgets, laptop, smartphones. Social media technology, page social landing

Discussing the intricacies or impacts of social media? Download this landing page template that feature an isometric smartphone with people sitting atop it.

Engineering Illustrations

1. Metallurgy Icon Set

metallurgy icon set featuring engineering tools and equipment

Teaching students about material science and engineering? Download this metallurgy icon set.

2. Cartoon Crane Illustration

Lift Crane Vector. Lifting Construction Machine Icon. Classic Yellow Isolated Flat Cartoon

Discussing how the world around us is built? Download this vector icon of a crane.

3. Silhouette of an Engineer

silhouette of a female engineer wearing a yellow hardhat

Discussing engineering as a career path? Download this vector illustration that shows the silhouette of a woman engineer wearing a bright yellow construction hat.

4. Car Design Blueprint

Car design blueprint concept, vector layout

Discussing the process of engineering a product from start to finish? Download this vector illustration that shows a car design blueprint.

5. Industrial Machine Blueprint

blueprint of robotic technology

Discussing robots and how robotic technology can assist with engineering and manufacturing? Download this vector illustration.

Math Illustrations

1. Mathematics Poster

Poster Illustration Featuring Math Symbols

Looking for math-themed decor to hang in your classroom? Download this illustrated poster that features muted colors and mathematical symbols.

2. Geometric Shapes icon Set

set of geometric icons

Looking for simple illustrations of geometric shapes to include in your lesson plans? Download this vector icon set that features a cube, cone, sphere, pyramid, octahedron and more geometric shapes.

3. Compass and Ruler Icon

vector icon of a compass and ruler set

Teaching students about measurement or how to use a compass? Download this flat vector icon.

4. Multiplication Poster

illustrated poster of a multiplication symbol

Teaching students about multiplication? Download this vibrant vector poster that features colorful numbers and large yellow multiplication symbol.

5. Addition and Subtraction Activity Sheet

counting game worksheet for young children

Introducing basic math concepts to small children? Download this addition and subtracting activity sheet to help them practice how to count.

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