Best Illustrations for Homeschool Workstations

Illustration of the Earth with Letters and Numbers Surrounding It

Parents choose to homeschool their children for a plethora of reasons. And while homeschooling is not a new concept, it is certainly one that requires a unique approach. Are you a parent who homeschools or one who is considering doing so? Keep reading! This post is for you. Below, you’ll find the best Clipart illustrations for your homeschool workstation.

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15 Educational Vector Illustrations for Homeschool Workstations

From reading and geography to lunch time and nap time (and everything in between), homeschooling parents have a lot to think about. However, finding the right vectors for their home-based classroom shouldn’t be one of them – which is why we created this post. Keep scrolling to find everything you need to design an interactive and immersive educational experience for your child.

1. Kids in Pencil-Shaped Cart Illustration

Royalty Free Clipart Image of Children in Handmade Carts Shaped Like a Pencil

Are you working with small children? Download this adorable vector illustration of children riding in a cart shaped like a pencil and use it to decorate your homeschool classroom.

2. Kid Showing Drawing Vector

Illustration of a Kid Showing a Drawing of Their Home

Do you want to inspire a sense of pride in your homeschooled student? Download this vibrant vector of a child proudly displaying a drawing of their home.

3. Bookcase Graphic

Large bookcase with different books. Bookcase full of books cartoon

Do you need to designate a spot for reading time? Download this vector graphic of a bookcase and use display it in your homeschool workstation.

4. Crowded Workspace Illustration

Top view vector illustrations set of office workplace isolated items.

Homeschooling parents cover a variety of topics. Do you need a vector that illustrates that well? Download this top down view of a workspace full of books, supplies, and yummy snacks.

5. Alphabet Poster

colorful alphabet chart with examples next to each letter

Teaching young children the English alphabet? Download this vibrant vector poster that features colorful capital letters, illustrations to establish object associations, and numbers 0-9.

6. Study Time Illustration

Happy people relaxing with book cartoon vector illustration.

Need to encourage your homeschooled children to study? Download this vector illustration of happy people reading books.

7. Mother and Child Doing Homework Illustration

Afro American Mother Helps Child Do School Homework Vector. Illustration

Homeschooling parents are very hands-on. Need a vector that celebrates that? Download this illustration of a mother assisting her child with homework.

8. I-Spy Activity Sheet

Fairy houses and dwellings kids spy game. Vector educational test with cute fantasy homes stump, mushroom, pumpkin, carrot and boot or tree and hillock. Math child riddle worksheet cartoon design

Looking for a vector graphic that inspires interactivity? Download this educational and fun i-spy activity sheet that features fairy houses.

9. Home Education Banner

Home education flat design concept. Education kids, home school, home learning, workplace and paper, desk and work, workspace table, professional workstation, learning and coffee illustration

Showing a digital presentation to your homeschooled student(s)? Download this “home education” banner that shows a person studying with supplies, technology and a cat nearby.

10. Fairy-themed School Schedule Template

Education timetable schedule with cartoon fairy houses, vector timetable or weekly planner. Kids school or kindergarten lessons schedule with dwarf or elf homes in mushroom, beehive and acorn

Need a template to keep your homeschooled student(s) on task? Download this educational timetable and plan our their school week.

11. Schoolgirl with Teacher Illustration

Schoolgirl sitting near window, pretty teacher stands behind her with sheet of paper, vector illustration in back to school concept.

Homeschool should be normalized, just like public education is. Do you agree? Download this vector illustration of a tall teacher assisting a young schoolgirl.

12. Time Activity Sheet

Learning time on the clock. Educational activity worksheet for kids and toddlers

Teaching your homeschooled children how to tell time using an analog clock? It’s a valuable skill. Download this activity sheet and help them master the concept of telling time.

13. Student Artist Illustration

vector illustration of a school girl painting on a canvas

Working on artistic projects with your student(s)? Download and display this vector illustration of a child painting on a canvas.

14. Kid Scientist Illustration

Scientist kid holding an exploding test tube

Teaching science lessons at homeschool? Download this vector illustration of a young kid wearing a lab coat and holding a bubbling test tube.

15. Dinosaur-themed Diploma Template

As your homeschooled student progresses through their course, it’s important to highlight their achievements. Download this fun, dinosaur-themed diploma to do just that.

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