Basic Info on Vectors

The fun thing about online graphics is that you don’t have to be able to draw to create wonderful projects with images.  However, if you do want to play a bit, there’s one format that allows you to alter the image you like into the image you love.

Rather than being made up of pixels, like the web-ready graphics,  the versatile vector is based on mathematical equations such as points, lines and curves.  Therefore, they will maintain their quality when used in large projects, while a jpg or png might distort somewhat when you resize it.

Another attribute of vectors is that they can always, unless they have been created with a coloured background that is part of the design, be saved as a new file with a transparent background (where the file format permits this).

Of course, nothing in life is perfect.  Vectors cannot be used in producing realistic photos, as they don’t possess a continuous flow of subtle colour tone and shade variations. Also, working with vectors does require quality image editing software. 

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