Autumnal Alphabet: Fall Vocabulary Word List A-Z

Are you looking for fall-themed vocabulary words to share with your class or homeschooled children this season? If so, you’re in luck! Below you’ll find over 100 vocabulary words that relate to autumn and a curated selection of clipart images.

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illustration of an elderly couple sitting on a green bench under a yellow autumnal tree

100+ Autumnal Words A-Z



























acorn, almond, amber, apple cider, aroma, Autumn

bale, blanket, boots, bright, brown, bushel

celebration, chestnut, climate, corn, cranberry

decorative, December, deciduous, deer, donut

earthy, eggplant, enchanting, equinox, evolve

Fall, farmer, feast, fireplace, flannel, fleece, football

game, geese, ginger, ghostly, golden, gourd, gust

Halloween, harvest, haystack, heater, hibernation

Indian summer, insects, Influenza

jack-o-lantern, jam, jelly

katydid, kettle, kite

late, leaves, logs

maize, maze, migration, moonlight, mushrooms

Native American, nature, nest, November

October, orange, orchard, overgrown, owl

pear, pecan persimmon, pinecone, pumpkin

quarterback, quilt

rainy, raincoat, rake, reap, red, relaxing, ripe, rituals

scenic, scary, seeds, September, spooky, sweater

temperature, travel, tourism, trick-or-treat, turkey

umbrella, unpredictable

vegetables, Veterans’ day, vibrant, visual, vivid

warm, weather, wilting, windy, winter, wondrous


yam, yarn, yellow

zipper, zucchini

vector illustration of three fall leaves in yellow, orange, and red set against a two-toned green background

20 Clipart Images for Fall

Fall is a wondrous season filled with family-friendly festivities, unpredictable weather, wilting yet beautiful foliage and so many other autumnal things! Are you looking for visual aids for your fall-themed lesson plans? If so, you’re in luck! Below are 20 clipart images you can download today.

1. Apple Picking Illustration

gardener wearing brown apron and blue shirt reaches up to pick apples

2. Scenic Park In Autumn Vector

an autumn park scene showing a person reading a newspaper on a bench and a cyclist rolling by on a bike

3. Corn Clipart

4. Harvest Icon Set

Harvest set of fruits and vegetables including grapes, corn, eggplant, pumpkin, wheat, apples and radish

5. Pumpkin Ink Sketch

ink sketch of a pumpkin

6. Wheat Harvesting Illustration

autumn illustration that shows tractor and wheat on a rural farm

7. Smiling Squash Vector

a gourd with a smiling face and bright eyes

8. Colorful Autumn Tree Icon

a vector icon of a tree with red and orange leaves

9. Gradient Fall Leaves Clipart

set of fall vector leaves with red, orange and green colors

10. Autumn Decorative Text

handwritten script text on a bright yellow background

11. Autumn Card Design

autumn greeting card with bird wearing boots and carrying an umbrella while leaves fall

12. Autumn in the City Clipart

clipart illustration of a city skyline with maple leaves falling from the sky

13. Seamless Pumpkin Pattern

seamless pattern of orange jack-o-lanterns of various sizes; all with glowing yellow eyes

14. Mushroom Sticker Vectors

outlined sticker illustrations and flowers against a green background

15. Image Overlayed Fall Text

16. Autumn Wreath Illustration

wreath made of autumnal leaves with the word autumn written in red text in the center

17. Autumn Weather Stickers

vector set of fall-themed weather stickers that include an umbrella, rainy cloud, wind graphic and boots

18. Acorn & Oak Leaves Vector

vector illustration of oak leaves and acorns

19. Abstract Leaf Background

20. Thanksgiving Banners

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