Top 50 Astronomy Illustrations to Teach Students About Space

Planet Earth in space star background.

Are you an educator or parent on a quest to teach students about astronomy, celestial bodies, and the science behind space travel? If so, you’re in luck! In this post, we’ll explore 50 of our best vector illustrations that focus on the wonders of our galaxy. So, what are you waiting for? The visual aids you need for your educational and creative projects can be found below.

50 Astronomy Illustrations

Your search for the best astronomy illustrations is over! Below you’ll find vector images of rockets, satellites, astronauts traveling through space, moon phases, our solar system, and much more!

1. Rocket Orbiting Earth Space Illustration

vector illustration of a rocket orbiting Earth

Teaching a lesson on astronomy? Download this illustrated image of a rocket orbiting Earth.

2. Moon Phases Vector

a vector illustration of moon phases set against a starry night sky

Talking about the moon and its many phases? Download this vector of the various moon phases set against a starry night sky.

3. Solar System & Space Vector Icons

set of vector icons showing the solar system and other space-related objects

Searching for vector icons of the solar system? Download this colorful set of space-themed vectors.

4. Space-Themed Achievement Stickers

illustrations of printable achievement stickers that are space themed

On the hunt for space-themed stickers? Look no further. Download this set of achievement stickers that feature comets, moons, stars, a rocket, and UFO.

5. Planet Earth Infographic

Bright earth planet structure, infographic on deep purple space background with bright stars and constellations

Need an infographic of Earth? Download this vector illustration of the planet’s structure set against a purple-ish space background with bright stars.

6. Space Travel Pattern

seamless pattern background with space themed icons, planets, rockets

Searching for a space-themed pattern to add a bit of visual appeal to your presentation or creative project? Download this vector illustration of rockets, planets, and stars set against a navy blue background.

7. Kid Reading About Astronomy Illustration

Illustration of a Kid Boy Reading an Astronomy Book from Inside a Space Room with Telescope and Space Ship

Want to inspire children to read about astronomy? Download this vector illustration of a child learning about space while sitting in a room with a toy rocket, a stack of books, and a solar system mural on the wall.

8. Space Infographic

Space infographic on purple background. Vector illustration of galaxies classification, black hole, milky way, big bang theory, solar system, asteroid belt, gravitation of moon, temperature range.

Searching for an infographic to discuss the solar system, galaxies, black holes and other astronomy concepts? Download this space-themed infographic set against a purple and black background.

9. Kids in Space Suits Illustration

Illustration Featuring a Pair of Kids Wearing Space Suits Gazing into Space

Discussing the wonders of space? Download this vibrant cartoon illustration of two children wearing space suits and gazing out a window, looking at planets, asteroids, and stars.

10. Blue Astronomy Banner

Astronomy banner with telescope device and school textbook, constellation map vector illustration icon with place for text on blue

Need a astronomy-themed banner? Download this two-toned blue banner featuring a telescope, astronomy book, pencil and placeholder text.

11. Space Concepts Vector Flashcards

Vector hand drawn space planet and spaceship elements card templates set illustration

Searching for flashcards that illustrate astronomy concepts? Download this vector set of flashcards and quiz students on their knowledge of the solar system, dark matter, and all things outer space.

12. Astronaut Selfie Illustration

vector illustration of an astronaut taking a selfie in space.

Looking for a comical way to introduce astronomy concepts? Download this illustration of an astronaut taking a selfie in space.

13. Young Astronaut Near Constellation Vector Drawing

Searching for an illustration of a young astronaut? Download this vibrant vector image of a child astronaut floating in space with constellations nearby.

14. Celestial Bodies Coloring Sheet

Coloring Book Illustration Featuring Different Celestial Bodies

Need a coloring sheet that features celestial bodies? Download this vector outline drawing of the moon, stars, and planets.

15. Camping Under the Stars Cartoon Illustration

Introducing new concepts to your class? Download this cartoon illustration of kids camping outdoors and gazing into space using large telescopes.

16. Constellation Pattern on White Background

constellations pattern on white background
Constellations on white seamless pattern

Searching for a seamless pattern with space icons? Download this vector image of constellations on a white background.

17. Day and Night Earth Illustration Set

day and night illustration set

Need an illustration that shows planet Earth during the day and nighttime? Download this astronomy illustration of our home planet.

18. Space Objects Vector Illustration

Space objects. Glowing universe astronomy set meteor asteroid vector comets collection in cartoon style. Asteroid space galaxy, comet cosmic and colored meteor illustration

Searching for vector icons of space objects? Download this glowing astronomy set that features an asteroid, fireball, comet, meteor and more.

19. Space Lecture Cartoon Illustration

Stickman Illustration of Kids on an Educational Tour Listening to a Space Lecture

Is it your job to inspire students? Download this stickman illustration of a kids tuning into an astronomy lecture and tell your class about how fascinating space is.

20. Shooting Stars Vector Illustration

Shooting stars or fall comets over globe map. Meteor shower vector illustration

Discussing shooting stars or meteor showers? Download this vector illustration.

21. Space Station Maintenance Vector Concept

Illustration of an Astronaut on Space Station Maintenance

Talking about the role of an astronaut? Download this vector illustration of an astronaut performing maintenance on a space station

22. Sun against Starry Sky Background

Sun in space star background. Bright and hot orange sun. Element of solar system. Cosmic galaxy background with bright shining stars. Solar system. Cool sun in space. Vector illustration

Searching for a simple illustration of the sun? Download this vector image of a bright sun set against shining stars.

23. Learning Astronomy Cartoon Vector

Illustration of Kids Learning Astronomy Together

Teaching students about space? Download this vector image of eager students studying space concepts from a huge textbook and use it as a visual aid in your lessons.

24. Brightly-Colored Solar System Illustration

Set of bright cartoon planets of solar system on deep space background

Searching for a vibrant vector image that features all of the planets in the solar system (plus Pluto)? Download this illustration of brightly colored cartoon planets set against a deep purple space background.

25. Rockets in Space Seamless Pattern Vector

Space seamless pattern vector illustration. Pattern with spaceships and stars

Exploring the topic of spaceships and starry adventures? Download this seamless pattern that shows roaring rockets against the night sky.

26. Space and Universe Vector Icons

vector icons of space concepts

Searching for a sleek and sophisticated icon set that focuses on space? Download this vector icon collection that comes in blue, orange, and gray hues.

27. Flat Style Astronaut-Themed Vector Illustration

vector illustration with astronaut suits and space shuttles

Want a high-quality vector image that features astronaut suits, spaceships, and planets? Download this vector illustration.

28. Rocket and White Clouds Cartoon Vector

cartoon rocket flying above clouds

Looking for a vibrant visual aid? Download this vector illustration of a rocket rising above the clouds rapidly.

29. Starry Solar System Illustration

starry solar system with planets orbiting the sun

Searching for a solar system graphic set against a starry night sky? Download this vector image of a bright sun with planets orbiting it.

30. Isolated Planet, Asteroid, and Meteorite Icons

Planet set dark background. Dark space. Planets of solar system in cartoon style. Earth, Jupiter. Mars and the Sun. falling meteorite. Fireball asteroid. Yellow Moon. Planet icons isolated. A

Need space themed icons to enhance your astronomy lessons? Download this set of vectors.

31. Telescope Icon

an icon of a telescope set against a blue circle

Looking for a simple illustration of a telescope? Download this vector drawing of an instrument of astronomy and put it to use in your lessons.

32. Pixel Art Planet Illustration

Pixel space planets and stars, asteroids and comets. Universe galaxy satellite and meteorite retro 8bit game icons. Vector retro astronomy objects in space, pixel art fantasy and solar system planets

Searching for a retro 8-bit game style icon for a creative project about the universe? Download this set of pixelated icons.

33. Astronomy Symbols Set

Astronomy vector symbols and pictures. Illustration of sky map, telescope and rocket

Need a vector illustration that features telescopes, globes, sky maps, and space shuttles? Download this set of astronomy symbols.

34. Isolated Moon on White Background

vector image of the moon on white background

Looking for an illustration of the moon? Download this vector image on white.

35. Zodiac Sign Constellation Set

zodiac symbol constellation set

Searching for a starry set of zodiac signs? Download this file and find your zodiac symbol in the set of constellation vectors.

36. Vintage Space-Style Seamless Pattern

Sketch space in vintage style, vector seamless pattern

Looking for groovy space-themed graphics? Download this vintage style illustrated pattern of an astronaut, UFO and satellite.

37. Cloudscape Background

Cloudscape Background, Cumulus Clouds, White Stars and Light Moon on Dark Blue Night Sky. Vector

Need a background with clouds set against a dark blue night sky? Download this image.

38. Astronaut and Rocket Illustration

Space shuttle and astronomy web page. Spaceship and space shuttle launch, astronaut and rocket, space station, astrology and star, telescope and galaxy, constellation and science illustration

Searching for simple but fun space icons? Download this illustration of an astronaut and rocket set against a mint green background.

39. Origami-Style Space Observation Vector

origami style vector of a telescope outdoors on a starry night

Want a space-themed scene that resembles folded paper art? Download this vector image of a telescope position atop a grassy hill during a starry night.

40. Spaceships School Timetable Schedule Template

Creating a schedule for your students or homeschooled children? Download this school timetable schedule that features spaceships and stars.

41. Simple Rocket Icon

simple outline of a rocket on a purple background

Searching for simple icons of space objects? Download this minimalistic vector icon of rocket set against a purple background.

42. Flat Style Earth Surface Illustration

Earth vector, planet with continents and oceans flat style isolated land with skyscrapers and tall buildings with harmful gas emission,

Need a vector image of Earth? Download this illustration of our home planet with its surface covered with trees and skyscrapers.

43. Space Pixel Game Vector

Space pixel game vector, isolated icons of 8 bit graphics, lines and planets, meteors with aliens and monsters, decorative elements of gaming process, pixelated cosmic object for mobile app games

Looking for an 8-bit illustration? Download this space pixel game vector and put it to use in your creative projects.

44. Spaceships, Stars, and Planets Pattern

brightly-colored asteroids, satellites, planets, suns and stars set against a black background

Spaceships, stars, planets…oh my! Looking for a creative pattern? Download this one that features brightly-colored asteroids, satellites, planets, suns and stars.

45. Space Rocket Launch Icon

 red and blue rocket set against a starry sky with a crescent moon.

Looking for the perfect icon of a rocket launching into the night sky? Download this vector image of a red and blue rocket set against a starry sky with a crescent moon.

46. Space-Themed Birthday Party Graphic

Illustration of a Birthday Party Design with a Space Theme

Searching for a space-themed design to use for an invitation, birthday card, or party decor? Download this extra special drawing of an extraterrestrial spacecraft floating among balloons and birthday presents.

47. Flying Rocket Icon

Need an icon that represents space exploration? Download this vector image of a spacecraft speeding away from planet Earth.

48. Neon Observatory Telescope Icon

Observatory Telescope neon light sign vector. Glowing bright icon Observatory Telescope sign.

Need a symbol of an observatory telescope to share with your class? Download this glowing bright vector icon.

49. Observatory Illustration

Illustration of a Telescope Facility on Top of a Hill

Want a vector illustration of an observatory? Download this image that shows a gray space-focused facility sitting atop a grassy green hill.

50. Space / Universe Infographic

Reviewing the wonders of the universe with your class? Download this infographic template that features a rocket launching into the dark night sky and plenty of space to add your own text.

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