5 Study Tips to Prepare High School Students for AP Exams and Standardized Tests

Do you dread exam day? Does the thought of taking a test induce anxiety? Preparing for advanced placement exams or standardized tests can be a daunting task for many students. But it doesn’t have to be! Below, we’ve included a few tips for high school students who are studying for AP exams or prepping to take any timed test. Just keep reading.

5-Step Study Strategy for AP Exams & Standardized Testing

Whether studying for exams in AP English and History or gearing up to take the SAT or ACT; the following tips can help students prepare.

  1. Plan ahead, keep your course materials organized and create a study plan of action.
  2. Remember that your instructors are a valuable resource for knowledge. Ask questions.
  3. Seek additional help in the form of a tutor or online AP courses if needed.
  4. Eliminate distractions so that you can self-study in peace.
  5. Take care of yourself while you practice and prepare for AP exams, quizzes, or any standardized tests.

Tip 1: Gather and Review Materials Before Creating A Study Plan

Before one can start studying, it’s important to know which information needs to be reviewed and which course concepts have yet to be learned. So, get organized! Gather the study materials, syllabus, textbook and any graded tests that have been returned by the teacher. Use that information to figure out which content to focus on.

When studying course materials, hone in on what’s important instead of trying to remember every single concept presented in the AP courses. Once have the learning material organized, prepare a study schedule. Plan ahead to figure how much time you can spend studying before your exam (or practice AP test).

Tip 2: Ask Your Teachers About Practice Questions Or An AP Practice Exam

Are you getting ready to take a test or multiple AP exams? If so, it may be a good idea to go to your instructor for assistance. Teachers may have access to practice tests and other resources to help you prepare for forthcoming AP exams. Remember, if additional learning tools are not presented to the class, it never hurts to ask when you meet with the instructor one-on-one.

Your AP teacher is there to assist you. So, ask any clarifying questions you may have about the AP subject you’re studying!

Tip 3: Enlist the Assistance of An AP Tutor or Take Online Courses

Are you seeking help outside of your AP courses? For student struggling in class or those who want to be extra-prepared for an AP exam, enlisting the help of a tutor might be the best route. Or take AP courses online with College Board, a reputable resource for AP exam prep materials.

Tip 4: Practice in a Distraction-Free Environment

When it is time to study, try to eliminate as many distractions as you can. Hone in on the course materials. Put your phone away, turn off the television and mindfully read through texts, highlight important concepts and take copious notes. Carve out quiet time on your study schedule so that you can focus and be fully prepared when test time comes.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished for Exam Day

During the week leading up the exam, try to get a healthy amount of sleep, eat well, and stay hydrated. It is normal to experience stress leading up to big tests, so take care of yourself! If you can’t seem to find time to relax before AP exams, incorporate a bit of self-care into your study time – for instance, you can wear a facial mask while reading your text book or prepare a healthy meal for yourself while reviewing flashcards.

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