100 Essay Topics for High School Students

By the time most students reach high school, they have developed advanced writing skills. However, coming up with expository essay topics can still present a challenge for students and teachers alike. Are you searching for essay topics? Want your students to practice their researching skills and learn how to write with an objective voice? This article is for you.

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What is an expository essay?

An expository essay is an academic paper in which the writer provides a well-researched explanation (or analysis) of a topics. Expository essays use factual information from credible sources as evidence for any claims the writer may make. The main goal is to write objectively, avoiding one’s personal feelings and biases. Instead of talking about opinions, expository essay topics are used to inform readers about a particular subject.

100 Essay Topics for High School Students

If you’re students need to practice their essay writing skills, consider introducing this list of topics to your class.

  1. The impact of social media on mental health
  2. The effects of technology on human relationships
  3. The role of higher education systems in America
  4. The importance of setting academic goals
  5. The impact of pollution on climate change
  6. The long-term effects of climate change
  7. The role of government in providing civil services
  8. The long-term impacts of extreme poverty
  9. The psychological benefits of volunteering
  10. The impact of video advertisements on consumer behavior
  11. The long-term impact of exposure to violent video games for young children
  12. The role social media plays in shaping political opinions
  13. The impact of globalization on indigenous cultures
  14. The economic impacts of artificial intelligence and other forms of automation
  15. The importance of maintaining good physical health
  16. The long-term effects of teenage substance abuse
  17. The role the education system plays in reducing racism, biases, and inequality
  18. The psychological impact of music on the brain
  19. The long-term effects of social media on body image and self-esteem
  20. The importance of healthy family relationships
  21. The effects of peer-pressure in the digital age
  22. The environmental impact of globalization
  23. The role the government plays in environmental affairs
  24. The long-term impacts of sleep deprivation
  25. The rise and impact of cancel culture
  26. The impact of AI on education
  27. The role of human (non-AI) artists in society
  28. The impact of social media on attention span
  29. The impact of social media on verbal communication skills
  30. The psychological benefits of performing community service
  31. The impact of cyber-bullying on mental health
  32. The importance of learning teamwork
  33. The effects of climate change on endangered wildlife
  34. The importance of cultural diversity in the workplace
  35. The effects of social media in developed countries
  36. The societal effects of introducing social media in developing countries
  37. The importance of sanitary work conditions
  38. The role of the education system in promoting safety
  39. The career benefits of studying abroad
  40. The effects of social media on eating disorders
  41. The impact of exposure to fake news
  42. The long-term effects of sleep deprivation on studying
  43. The positive impacts of taking a summer vacation
  44. The importance of honing research skills
  45. The importance of history classes in the digital era
  46. The role of local government in promoting fire safety
  47. The impacts of advancing technology on older generations
  48. The benefits of cross-cultural experiences
  49. The impact of viral content on the human psyche
  50. The importance of maintaining optimal human health
  1. The effect of plastic pollution on sea animals
  2. The effect of air pollution on birds
  3. The positive impacts of obtaining internet access in remote regions of the world
  4. The long-term effects of climate change on agriculture
  5. The role of government in promoting education
  6. The effects of automation on the transportation industry
  7. The benefits of learning a second language
  8. The positive effects of reading on the human brain
  9. The impact of entering the entertainment industry at a young age
  10. The environmental impact of trash in water systems
  11. The importance of maintaining a good reputation in the workplace
  12. The impact of spreading information on social media
  13. The impact of social media on global issues
  14. The role social media plays in modern activism
  15. The effects of AI on the healthcare industry
  16. The benefits of converting to electric vehicles
  17. The impact of the internet on promoting sustainability
  18. The importance of recycling
  19. The positive impact of planting trees
  20. The importance of taking accountability for one’s actions
  21. The effects of social media on eco-friendly practices
  22. The impact of globalization and industrialization on natural habitats
  23. The impact of technology on the fashion and beauty industries
  24. The importance of strong leadership on teams
  25. The economic impacts of the “gig” economy
  26. The impact of industrialization on the global food industry
  27. The role of educators in promoting equality in classrooms
  28. The effects of pollution on young children
  29. The benefits of working or playing outdoors
  30. The impact mobile apps have on the retail industry
  31. The importance of learning one’s culture heritage
  32. The importance of privacy and cybersecurity
  33. The effects of social media on data collection and protection
  34. The influence of social media marketing on the economy
  35. The role of government in promoting the use of renewable resources
  36. The impact of smog on the ozone layer
  37. The impact of TikTok on the music industry
  38. The role of educators in promoting acceptance, diversity, and cross-cultural collaboration
  39. The career benefits of being multilingual
  40. The effect of climate change on coastal and island communities
  41. The effect of climate change on the homeless population
  42. The role of government in promoting safe and fair housing
  43. The effects of climate change and weather on erosion
  44. The importance of public infrastructure
  45. The importance of public art movements
  46. The importance of learning about global citizenship
  47. The benefits of learning new digital tools
  48. The effects of social media in building community
  49. The impact of tourism on the global economy
  50. The impact of globalization and remote work on career outlook

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